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1 Second Everyday for a Year (Age 29)

As I'm sure you're all aware by now... I love the '1 Second Everyday' app.

It's something that I've been doing for a few years now, and it's just a great way of documenting certain memories. It's like watching a movie of your own life, where you get to relive the past 12 months.

Filming these short clips has become so ingrained in my everyday routine, that I don't even think twice about it anymore.

I'm sure my friends and family are just as used to me whipping the camera out on them too. Usually whenever they go to take a bite of food... sorry about that!

Check out my latest video below, which follows my life aged 29, from July 2022 - 2023.

And yes, I know what you're all thinking... "damn that boy eats well!"

Eagled eyed viewers may notice that I definitely missed a few days this year. Whoopsie! There's only so many days at work, or meals at home that you can capture haha.

If I'm honest, watching these videos back always makes me a little bit emotional. As I forget how many great memories I've made with some really special people over the past few years.

I hope you guys enjoyed my video. Did you make the cut?!

Let me know!


If you'd like to catchup on any of my previous '1 Second' videos, I will share them all below:


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