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13 Years Together

I've sat here for hours now - staring at a blank screen - trying to think of ways to re-word the same sentence, but it never gets any easier.

This week we sadly said goodbye to Barney, our beloved border terrier.

Barney sat on Ross's lap whilst out for a "walk" - smiling

Just look at that face. What a beaut.

Over the past few years, writing my thoughts on this platform and sharing certain aspects of my life has helped me in many ways.

So it didn't feel right for me to carry on posting my usual content, pretending that everything is ok, when in reality it isn't.

As a family we are all pretty heartbroken right now, but I refuse to let this be a sad post.

Instead, I want this to be an appreciation of 13 amazing years together. That's half of my life, which is crazy when you think about it.

Barney sleeping on the sofa - head perfectly positioned on the cushion

Barney was definitely the noisiest member of our family, the heart & soul of our household and a big "brother" to Ralph.

I have no doubt that the profit shares of gravy bones have already gone down.

I've taken comfort over the past few days by looking back through some old photographs... and what a life you had!

RIP little man x


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