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20 *Challenges* for 2020

Every year I try to come up with new ways to motivate myself.

January 1st - a day of false promises.

Despite the fact it is literally no different to any other day, for some reason, the thought of a "new year" tricks us all into believing we can sort our lives out.

We all set resolutions... but who ever really keeps them?

Ross dancing at the christmas party, sticking his tongue out. Christmas decor and tree behind

So this year, I thought I would do something a liiiiiittle bit different.

Instead of setting myself unrealistic targets, I thought I'd let you do it for me!

20 challenges for the year 2020

(see what I did there? Clever, huh)

As seen from the screenshots below, I asked a selection of my family & friends to set me a challenge / resolution for the new year.

It's safe to say that I definitely had some *interesting* responses.

Some answers were really kind... and others were just not "PG" enough to include in this blog!

We're already knee-deep in January, and I've probably failed them all already... so wish me luck!


Message from Ross's sister Rose: "Be meaner. Tell people to fuck off more when they deserve it"

I am definitely a fan of this one and I think I'm getting there... slowly.


Message from Ross's friend Jo: "Make more vlogs! Use that amazing creativity and really push it to see how far you can go"

I LOVE this challenge, as I've had so much fun filming recent videos. From one creative bean to another, thank you Jo!


Message from Ross's friend Chris: "Go on more quiz shows"

This is the guy who shouts: "my friend was on TV!" everytime we're at a busy restaurant. Is this so you can try and publicly humiliate me even more?! Haha. Cheers Chris!


Message from Ross's mum: "I challenge you to eat more veg, drink more water and use your phone less!!" Ross's reply says "can you make more realistic ones?!"

Classic Mother. I'm keen to use my phone less... but let's be real, the veg ain't happening!


Message from Ross's friend Gemma: "Visit a beach/ coastal walk somewhere with a view once a month"

This one is deep, but I like it! I'm always down for a scenic view / beach day, but maybe I'll save that for the warmer months!


Message from Ross's friend Chloe: "Step out of your food comfort zone and start wearing glitter"

I did a recent quiz with Chloe that exposed my lack of food 'adventure'. I accept this challenge, however the glitter will NEVER happen. Sparkalaphobia - look it up.


Message from Ross's friend James: "Get a misses lol, or get fitter" Ross's reply: "Rude!"

I would expect nothing less from you James. You skinny little runt.


Message from Ross's friend Mark: I think you should do more things that you enjoy, like travelling and being adventurous"

This is a good one for me. Being more 'adventurous' is definitely something I am working on... now lets hurry up and book our trip to Barcelona!


Message from Ross's friend Tabs: "Eat 3 veggie dinners a week"

Here we go... attack of the veggies! Last year I dedicated a whole month to 'Vegetarian life'. It was HARD, but I definitely don't eat as much meat as I used to! Compromise? Please?


Message from Ross's friend Lucy: "Do more more blogs with / feature other disabled bloggers. Promote each other and make more connections"

My whole life is one big blooper, so this will be no problem. This is also a great idea, as I'm always happy to work with / promote other bloggers. Thanks Lucy!


Message from Ross's friend Amanda: "Skydive or face a fear of yours"

Absolutely not. Amanda, you know I love you, but no.


Message from Ross's friend Nick: "Find another drink apart from water to drink in the daytime/evening"

Are we talking alcohol? Because I've recently discovered Bacardi and orange, and I'm slightly worried I now have a problem...


Message from Ross's friend Heather: "Try not to worry about the small things"

It's a fair point and I will definitely take this on board.


Message from Ross's cousin Kim: Say YES everyday for a month, or wear more rainbow colours"

Nobody can pull off a rainbow look like you! My wardrobe is black with an added touch of BLACK. Saying 'Yes' everyday is a great one tho, thanks!


Message from Ross's friend Emma: "It's gotta be go vegan"

It was a pleasure knowing you, but we can't be friends anymore.


Message from Ross's friend Alex: "Can you get by 1 week without using the internet"

Mate, this is exactly what I need - a social detox. This will be a big challenge, but I accept!


Message from Ross's friend Carrie: "Visit the Shire!"

I hate travelling and you know this... but it's in the diary and it's happening! March 2020. You ready?


Message from Ross's auntie Liz saying: "I challenge you to NOT have a roast for 6 months"

This is just pure evil. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.


Message from Ross's friend Imogen: "Learn a new language"

I basically copied your German homework for 5 years back in school... so why would you do this to me?


Message from Ross's friend Kerry: "I think its pointless because why change something thats already perfect! I'd say nothing because you'll never stick to it anyway"

Such a charmer! I never knew you had so little faith in me... but you're absolutely right haha.


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