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Backstage with Bastille - Eden Sessions 2017

I don't even know where to begin with this story... as I am still pinching myself. Thursday 15th June will forever be remembered as the day I met Bastille!

For those that don't know, watching live music is one of my biggest passions. When Bastille were announced as a headline act at The Eden Sessions, I knew I had to get tickets!

I had already planned on writing a blog post review of the gig, so what better way to top it off than to meet the actual band?!

With this in mind, I wrote a cheeky letter to Bastille's tour manager, as well as the team at The Eden Project.

On the day of the event, I received a phone call from Claire (who works for the team at Eden). She said that the band have agreed to meet me before the show, and I could not believe my luck!

On arrival, I was greeted at the gates and treated like a real VIP! I was even given a free t-shirt of my choice.

From here we headed down to the stage, where I was taken behind the scenes to meet the band.

There was a really chilled atmosphere backstage. The band's friends and family were all sat around relaxing, along with members of the crew and press teams.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting, I spotted the band walk in and I was so excited!! They were honestly four of the nicest guys - really friendly and down to earth. We talked about The Eden Project and how they had been on the zip-wire during the day.

We even discussed other festivals they have played, such as V Fest and Boardmasters.

Kyle the guitarist also mentioned how he used to work in Truro - which was pretty cool!

Of course, I couldn't let the moment pass without getting a cheeky picture. Dan even stood on the back of my chair at one point!

Ross with Bastille backstage. Thumbs up

The experience was incredible and something I will never forget. My mum is a big fan of theirs too - which made me even happier to share the experience with her.

Afterwards, I took my place on the disabled viewing platform and managed to see the last little bit of their support act - Rationale. I also bumped into several friends, which made the night even better.

Bastille smashed their performance and the live vocals were as incredible as ever. I have never seen a band before that get so involved with the audience. Several times throughout the night, Dan walked through the middle of the crowd!

He is a health and safety nightmare - but what a legend! He even came up onto the disabled platform during one of the songs and stood on the railings.

I cannot thank the band enough for agreeing to meet me and have this amazing experience. I also want to say a special thanks to Claire from The Eden Team for making it all happen!

The venue is perfect for disabled access and their online booking system for wheelchairs is the best I have ever come across - ★★★★★

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