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Adele - LIVE at Wembley ★★★★★

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

HELLO, it's me...

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to...


Ross & his sister holding their Adele tickets, with the stage in the background

Ask any of my friends or family what the number one thing on my bucket list is and they will all answer the same: seeing Adele perform live.

Back in March 2016, this dream came true when I travelled to the O2 Arena in London with my superfan-bestie. 15 months later and I am back on the road to watch her again!!

Yes, I am greedy like that.

Wednesday 28th June 2017 was the beginning of Adele's four finale shows at Wembley Stadium. My expectations this time round were so high, as she really set the standard last year - and my god she did not disappoint!!

Being able to experience it with my family this time was also special. Not only were her vocals INCREDIBLE, her sense of humour and stage presence is like nothing I have ever seen.

It was like being at a comedy show - she seems so down to earth and naturally funny. Leaving the venue through the crowd via a Black Cab was definitely a moment!

She also talked passionately about Grenfell Tower and how she will continue to fight for answers, whilst supporting victims of the fire.

A shot of the crowd, with the phone lights light up. Adele on the big screen

Wembley's disabled access is also superb. I cannot fault their viewing platforms or toilet facilities.

The only downside I would say was the traffic-control leaving the venue. But then again, I'm not sure what I expected when 98,000 people are all trying to get home at the same time!

I was so sad to hear that she had to cancel her final two shows due to sickness. As savage as it sounds, I am just so relieved we managed to see her in time!

I have no doubt in saying that I would go and watch her perform live again. 3rd time lucky, maybe I could even meet her... Adele I'm coming for ya!!

Although a video will never do the night justice, you can check out the highlights from my Snapchat story below:

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