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The Belated Birthday

Another year older, another year wiser... or maybe not.

This year I celebrated my 24th birthday by jumping on a plane to Corfu!

A selection of Ross's birthday cards and balloons played out on the kitchen table

Ok, maybe the word "jumping" is an exaggeration due to aeroplane access being SHOCKING!

I LOVE birthdays and other special occasions, just not when they revolve around me.

I'm the kind of guy who will decorate your house with balloons and throw confetti in your face. I get a real thrill out of buying presents for other people or making personalised birthday cakes (mmm cake).

But there's something about being on the receiving end that makes me feel a little awkward. What if I don't like your present? How well can I fake a smile?

This year definitely felt different. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, or maybe it's just because I'm a nervous traveller. But either way - I was excited for some Greek sun!!

I woke up early and before heading to the airport, mum and dad treated me to a birthday breakfast at Wetherspoons on the way!

Ross with his fry up breakfast

We then hit the road and headed for Bristol to meet my sister. Traffic was a nightmare and the weather was shite. I was nervous that we were going have our flight delayed, or possibly fall from the sky in a massive thunder storm accident - you know... realistic thoughts.

Our flight was at 5pm, so we had some time to waste beforehand. My favourite memory from the day was seeing my sister aimlessly run past me in the airport, head-to-toe in party hat and banner attire - she crazy!

Thank you to all those who spoilt me with gifts and cards this year. I was also overwhelmed with hundreds of lovely messages and some not-so-lovely photo tags online haha.

Here's a little sneak peak of some of my favourite gifts this year. A definite cactus and solar-light theme was noted - my friends and family know me VERY well :-)

Shoutout to my sister as well for buying me an inflatable swan for our holiday!!

I'm a massive kid at heart and she knows this has always been something on my bucket list.

Does this make me an Instagram model yet? LOL. If only you could have seen the me trying to get on it! The struggle is real guys...

Ross on his inflatable swan in the swimming pool

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