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UPDATE: Shanaz Restaurant Apology

I am overwhelmed with the response from my previous post "The Word “Normal”

I do not regret writing about my experience, despite the backlash I received.

The majority of people have been incredibly supportive and I want to thank you all for the lovely comments and help in sharing awareness of my story.

I encourage a healthy debate on my blog, but I’m struggling to understand how people have managed to turn this negative experience on myself.

I’ve been criticised for "ruining a local businesses reputation” and also been described as “petty” and “over-sensitive”.

I know that putting myself out there like this is subject to negative comments, but I cannot understand how anyone can condone the use of the word “normal” against a wheelchair user.

Shanaz have since responded to my complaint with the following letter - which was emailed to myself, as well as being posted on their Facebook site:

Part 1 of the full apology letter
Part 2 of the full apology letter

I appreciate their apology, as this was a key part missing on the night of the event.

I want to make it clear that this “anonymous” letter had absolutely nothing to do with myself - nor did I know anything about it.

My inner demons are struggling to let this go, but at the end of the day - I’m the better person and I honestly don’t need all the stress and hassle that comes with taking this further.

I shan't be returning to the restaurant. I’m a strong believer of “forgive but never forget” - and despite their apology - I stand by what I believe in (no pun intended!)

I've said my piece, so it's time to draw a line under all this now…

P.s...I can’t live without a Chicken Korma in my life, so alternative local recommendations would be much appreciated!

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