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Little Orchard Festival CHAOS

A Cornish festival based around music and cider - what more could you want?! On paper, it sounds like perfection, but in reality... it turned into a completely different story!

To be fair I'm a pretty chilled guy, but even looking back at my photos now, I'm not sure how I made it out in one piece LOL. To most people this looks like fun, but when you add a set of wheels to the equation - trust me it's not!

I was hoping to have a good look around the site and of course update the ol' Instagram with a few 'festival snaps'... but there was no chance of me moving! I found my solid patch of ground and literally stuck to it. I couldn't even access the toilets which is a whole other awkward story!

Some of you may have seen online from the Little Orchard's Facebook page that they also had major issues with parking. They completely closed off the venue and re-directed all cars to Perranporth Airfield - running shuttle buses to and from the site. This was a concern for me as I knew the buses wouldn't be accessible. However, after a couple of phone calls, the staff were very accommodating and allowed me to park in the production area at the farm.

Despite the muddy mayhem, I actually had an amazing time. If it wasn't for the encouragement/craziness of my friends, I probably would have turned around in the car park and headed straight back home! I'm so glad I experienced it and we made some great memories!

I also want to say a massive thank you to the staff from Coast 2 Coast Security for being incredibly supportive. Not only did they help push me through the mud, they also assisted us in getting some wireless headphones so that we could still enjoy the silent disco. Luckily the headphone signal reached from the other field, so we made the best of bad situation and had our own own little session by the main stage!

Despite it being a battle at first, this festival has restored my faith in humanity. At one point I think I had about 6 people pushing/pulling me through the mud. It also reminded me how much love I have for my friends and how important it is to surround yourself with good people.

Shoutout to my Mum for hose-piping me down once I go home HAHA and also my PA for cleaning out the lovely trail I left in my car... Same time next year guys?!

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