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My Little Festive Grotto

We’re only a week away from Christmas now and I’ve never felt so unorganised IN MY LIFE. I’m actually fuming with myself. Any other year and this post would have been up the second it turned December.

Anyway, better late than never… welcome to a very festive blog post! Today I am showing you an insight into my little winter wonderland. Turning my place into Santa’s Grotto is literally the best thing about living alone. My tree is up, my baubles are out and my festive bedding is in place - yep…I couldn't be anymore single if I tried haha.

I bought a lot of decorations in the sale last year, so opening up all my storage boxes was a real treat - as even I had no idea what to expect. Ok, I’ll admit there was a lot of junk in there - someone obviously got a bit excited last year... I’m a real hoarder when it comes to homeware, especially when it’s christmas themed - I JUST LOVE IT.

I’m not fussy when it comes to colour schemes or anything like that. I like random and quirky decor, something a little different - like myself of course!

My christmas tree is definitely one of my favourites this year. It’s a half-tree that sits back against the wall. I mean, who decorates the back of a tree anyway?! - AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT.

This year I’ve gone all out on my ornaments. I have characters from my favourite film - Toy Story. I also have little toadstool baubles, christmas puds, minion crackers and festive cacti!

Most of my ornaments may look random, but many have sentimental meanings behind them. For example my sister bought me a festive kangaroo from when she was travelling in Australia last year. A family friend also bought me a little stuffed toy to hang on my tree after the passing of a close friend a few years back.

I haven't taken photos of everything, but trust me when I say it looks like the elves workshop in here. I've got santa toilet covers, Harry Potter stockings and of course, festive gnomes. My walls are also covered in tinsel, snowflakes and cosy lights. Not an ounce of glitter in sight though - I bloody HATE the stuff!

It’s that festive in here I reckon if I grew a better beard, I could start charging little kiddies to come in and sit on my lap. Actually… no I take that back, that sounds creepy as hell.

Anyway... Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for supporting my blog this year and I can’t wait to share more exciting posts that I have planned.

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