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A *VERY* Mucky Pup!!

It's been a while since I've given you a (p)update on my blog. This week, Ralph turns 6 months old and I thought this was the perfect story to share with you all.

I like to document key stages of his life and yesterday was certainly one of those...

Whilst I'm at work, Ralph stays at my mum and dad's house. I often get sent videos throughout the day, showing me what he's been up to.

Yesterday, I received this:

At first I thought: "aww great, he's having a nice little walk". However, when I got home, I was not expecting to be greeted by this BEAST...

It was official, the time had come for Ralph's first proper shower. Despite the muddy mayhem, I think he actually enjoyed it! If truth be told, he was definitely born to be a mucky pup. Whenever he's out walking, he's always the first to jump into a puddle or find something gross to eat.

So I think we've done well to get to 6 months without any other major mud disasters. I managed to capture the clean-up on film:

Don't you just LOVE the smell of wet dog?! NOT!

We then used a hairdryer to try and make him look a bit more presentable again. It's no surprise, he loved all the attention and pampering! A man after my own heart... I've obviously taught him well haha.

Let me know if you guys like this sort of post and whether you'd be interested in any further (p)updates in the future!

Thanks Mum for helping me clean him up... however you did create this mess ;-)

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