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Homemade Jammie Dodgers

What's the difference between me and a calendar?

A calendar has a date on Valentine's Day...

Waheyyyyy, Happy V-Day everyone!

Today I'm doing something a little different on my blog... I'm gonna be talking FOOD.

But not just any ol' food my friends, I'm talking about about the sexy shortbread themselves... JAMMIE DODGERS! 

I made these little biscuit beauties a while back and thought, what better day to share them than on V-Day itself?! 

Back in my primary school days, I always use to put a heart-shaped treat in the "tray" of my school crush. Such a romantic haha. These days, times have changed and I'd much rather keep the whole packet for myself ;-) nom nom nom.

C'mon ladies, it's not very often you can find a guy who can bake as well LOL. I guess the sense of humour is an acquired taste, hence why I'm still very much single haha.

For anyone interested in making these bad-boys, you can check out the full recipe by clicking here.

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