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My EasyJet Experience

Six months ago, I wrote a blog post in regards to Aeroplane Access for wheelchair users. Recently, I flew to Glasgow and after the most amazing trip away, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and write yet another negative review.

"A Life On Wheels" is a platform I created in order to share my experiences in life as a wheelchair user. After receiving the most horrendous service from EasyJet, I couldn't not share this story.

I may just be a small voice in a big world, but if I don't speak up... then how are things ever going to change? Just call me Moaning Myrtle, I don't even care anymore.

It takes two seconds to share this post, so please help me raise awareness.

My main issue with this airline, is the fact they do not have a consistent policy when it comes to boarding their disabled passengers. Most airlines load those who require "special assistance" on first. This extra time and space allows people with mobility issues to transfer into their plane seat in a comfortable and dignified way - I mean, c'mon... it's just common sense!

For someone like myself who is completely immobile when out of their wheelchair, an experience like this can be incredibly daunting at either end of your holiday.

On this particular flight, (despite being at the plane door before everyone else!) the cabin manager ignored our repeated requests to load first. 

I was left to wait outside in the cold, whilst sat on the smallest and most uncomfortable aisle chair, with no headrest for support. Once all other passengers were loaded, I was then pushed to Row 13 and lifted in front of an audience of 150 people. The words "humiliating" and "frustrating" don't even come close. 

To make things worse, the outer arm rest on my plane seat was fixed, making the transfer even more difficult. My knees were scraped against the back of the chair in front, as I was lifted up and over. EasyJet cabin crew were extremely disrespectful in their comments and offered no alternative seating or compassion.

The irony of their brand is a complete joke, as there was nothing "easy" about the service I received.

Not only was the general access on this flight shocking, but the fact we were ignored and made to transfer in front of so many people was disgusting. This isn't the first time it's happened to me, let alone the amount of other people out there.

It's important to note that the outbound flight was amazing. We were loaded on board first, with plenty of room to transfer in private. It's the inconsistency and general rudeness from staff that has really angered me this time.

I cannot believe there isn't a system that allows wheelchair users to remain in their chairs yet.

I have logged an official complaint against EasyJet and their cabin manager on board this flight. I have also requested a copy of their special assistance policy.

It's not very often I ask people to share my posts, but this one is so important. Nothing is ever going to change unless it gets attention from those in higher places. Social media is such a powerful thing and I need as much help as possible to raise awareness with these issues.

Thank you.

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