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Butlins Weekender!

Someone send help... I am absolutely hanging. As a non-drinker, I pride myself on the fact I don't need alcohol to have a good time, and this weekend was a prime example of that!

I'm no kleptomaniac, but I have literally come home with more junk than ever. I don't know why random strangers feel the need to give me free stuff... but hey, I'll take it!

It's been six years since my friends and I went to Butlins in Minehead, so we were all really excited to go back. This time we headed for their "On The Decks" adult weekend.

We arrived early evening on Friday and settled into our apartment. Later that night we headed out to watch Brandon Block's DJ set at the Centre Stage.

Battling through the crowds was definitely an experience, and one I would have shied away from years ago. This weekend as a whole proved to me how far I've come in terms of my confidence.

Saturday morning soon came around and after limited sleep, I was somewhat forced into going swimming by my so called "friends" haha.

The pool party was amazing, I love music and I'm also a proper water-baby... or so I thought! I've always joked that if I was to die, I'd wanna do it in style, however the wave machine at Butlins wasn't quite what I had in mind.

So let me paint the scene... there I am, happily floating around, listening to a bit of Eiffel 65 - Blue (daba dee daba daa) LOL. Next minute, I'm being thrown around as if I'm in the middle of a washing machine. For somebody with terrible balance and limited core strength, trust me, I was going! Massive thanks to John and Zoe for literally saving my ass haha.

After an eventful morning, we had a chilled afternoon watching the rugby and messing around in the arcades. THOSE BLOODY CLAW MACHINES!! In the evening, we went out for dinner at the American Diner, and then got ourselves ready for Saturday night's main headliner - Marvin Humes.

This was definitely a highlight for me. I often listen to Marvin on Capital FM and I really enjoyed his DJ set.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side on Sunday, so we ended up leaving earlier than planned. Despite this, I honestly had the best time and again made some incredible memories.

On a whole, I'm generally impressed with the disabled access and facilities on site at Butlins.

A massive thanks to all the team at Active8 for sorting everything, and my PA Jenni for helping me out. I always feel sad when trips like this come to an end, so I guess it's time for us to start planning our next one!

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