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Sarah Millican LIVE - Regal Theatre ★★★★✩

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

As a bit of a cheeky chappy myself, I love watching comedians perform live. Despite what you see on TV, you can never really judge how funny someone is until you see them handle a live audience, or a good heckler. AND I LOVE A GOOD HECKLER!

Sarah Millican was one of the few comedians left that I hadn't seen live - until now! I wouldn't say I was her biggest fan before, but I've always thought she's been funny on the few panel shows I've seen. She's not the type of character I would travel far to see, so when she announced a gig near my hometown, I was just keen for a night out!

This being said, I thought she was fantastic! Her content was great and comedy timing on point. Her target market is definitely more female based. As a guy I'm pretty open to most things, but there's only so much tit-talk or period jokes you can take.

Also i'm not gonna lie, for the first few minutes of the show I couldn't understand a word of her Geordie accent. I remember thinking "SHIT, this is going to be a long night..."

Despite this, the accent definitely got easier and the laughs were soon flowing. Apologies I didn't manage to get some better photos. Sometimes it's nice to just live in the moment and enjoy it, so I genuinely forgot! I also thought her support act - Sally-Anne Hayward - was brilliant.

It's important for me to comment on the access at The Regal Theatre in Redruth. As a wheelchair user, I am constantly thrown barriers when out and about in public. On arrival at the theatre, we were informed that the stair lift was not working.

Despite this, the staff were extremely helpful and I cannot fault their assistance at all.

My friend Gemma and I were taken round a side entrance, and down a skinny walk-way that felt more like a dodgy Diagon Alley. Let's just say I'm glad we were at the earlier showing, as I don't think anyone would want to hang around these parts of Redruth at night.

My wheelchair just about fit and we were met with ramps into the theatre at the other end. Once the show had finished, a member of staff was already there waiting to escort us out, which was very much appreciated.

We also got given badges from Sarah Millican's team - and I love a good freebie! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wouldn't hesitate to book tickets again.

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