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Little Life Update

As some of you may know, I recently turned 25 and the realisation that I'm halfway to 50 hit me hard... What have I actually achieved in my life?

With this being said, it got me thinking about this past year...

Back in August 2017 I wrote a blog post called *MY BUCKET LIST* - which gave you a small insight into some of my hopes and dreams for the future.

On reflection of this post and my recent "1 Second Everyday" video, it made me appreciate the fact that I've achieved a hell of a lot more than I realised in the last 12 months.

It really is the little things in life that mean a lot to me, and this year I feel like I've made more memories than ever.

Obviously one of the main things ticked off the Bucket List for me this year was getting Ralph. Owning my own puppy has always been a massive mission of mine, and I can't believe he is already 1 year old!

In October, I have a special blog post planned to mark the upcoming anniversary of the date I picked him up.

Another thing I recently ticked off the Bucket List was a drive-in cinema experience. It's not very often you see these pop up in real life - I felt like I was in some kind of movie myself! I wrote about wanting to do this in last years post, and it lived up to all expectations!

The Greatest Showman was also the perfect film to watch. I was able to recline back, shove as much popcorn in my mouth as possible and sing along without a worry in the world!

The whole drive-in experience was awesome and something I'd definitely do again.

Last but not least, the final Bucket List update I'd like to share is the fact I'm now the proud owner of this bad-boy HOT TUB! I am a true water baby and evenings spent in this are by far my new favourite.

I have been talking about getting a hot tub for many years now, and to my surprise, I was truly spoilt on my birthday this year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little life update. I'm currently updating my Bucket List with new plans and schemes for the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that blog post coming soon.


Ross x

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