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I recently got tagged in a post by the lovely Gem Turner on Twitter. The idea behind this hashtag is to embrace all the little things that make up our identity.

In her post, Gem talks about her love for wearing bold colours and other key features such as her trademark glasses and long hair.

Besides the obvious 4 wheels, it really got me thinking about what makes me, ME.

On reflection, this task proved more difficult than I thought, as I'm not very good at complementing myself.

With this is mind, I turned to those around me - as sometimes it's the things we don't notice about ourselves, that really make us who we are.

Old before my time

One thing that made me laugh the most was the fact I was described as an "old soul". I am literally a 90 year old man and I love it. Evenings spent in front of the TV, wrapped up in my dressing gown and surrounded by hot water bottles are my favourite.

VW vibes

Another trademark set of wheels associated to me, is my van. The amount of times people say they've seen me out and about or parked up somewhere is unbelievable! To be fair, I think my minion stickers have a big part to play in that...

Gnome sweet gnome

Ok, so this is where I let myself down. I have quite an obsessive personality and when I decide that I 'like' something - I go all out.

I can already sense your judgements, as I didn't just have a couple creepy ones in my garden... I had a full-on family nesting in my living room.

Cactus Lovin'

Similar to my love of gnomes (which has since calmed down may I add), my latest obsession is the famous cacti. They require very little maintenance, which makes them the perfect plant for me because I'm lazy AF. I have cactus themed ornaments dotted all around the house - it's great!

I also asked a selection of my closest friends and family to describe me in 3 words. The most common phrases/traits used were:

- Thoughtful

- Generous

- Determined

- Sociable

- Funny

- Ambitious

- Caring

- Honest

Obviously I've picked the best ones here - as there were definitely a few I could not repeat haha.

So there you have it! Thank you to all those who participated and helped me discover #WhatMakesMe.

I don't usually get involved in online 'tags', but I loved the positivity behind this one. In order to keep the wheels rolling (whey), I nominate Martyn Sibley, John Sennett and Vivek Gohil.

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