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A Busy Few Weeks...

Hey guys! It's officially December and it's finally acceptable for me to get my baubles out!

I would usually have my tree up by now and be knee-deep in christmas shopping, but I am well and truly failing.

November has been a surprisingly busy month for me and I have somewhat lost some of my christmas spirit. With that being said, I have since watched The Grinch and been surprised with the sweetest homemade advent calendar from my sister - so I am now well on my way!

(Image description: Gifts labelled 'day one', 'day two' etc.)

I like to live by the motto: "work hard, play hard" - but it's safe to say I'm knackered!

For today's post, I thought it would be quite nice to share a few of the little things I've been up to over the past few weeks.

Airport Accessibility

I was recently invited to attend an accessibility forum at Newquay Airport. This was a really exciting opportunity for me, as I was not only there to represent Active8 - a charity that I have been involved with for many years - but it was also a chance for me to air some of my concerns/frustrations with the service.

Newquay Airport is expanding, so it was great to have an input into some of the little improvements they could potentially make, in terms of accessibility for disabled children and adults in Cornwall.

(Image description: CAAP & Active8 stood beside aircraft)

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have had several issues with air travel in the past. Alongside members from CAAP, this forum is going to be an ongoing project, and we have already planned to meet again in the new year.

From this initial meeting alone, we already discussed issues from parking, to checking in and arrivals. I also got the chance to voice my concerns in regards to passenger loading, special assistance and the discomforts of the aisle chair.

shrek: live

Every year I try and attend at least one event at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. Last years festive show was Elf, and this year it was Shrek's turn!

(Image description: Shrek stage view)


(Please say you read that in a Scottish accent?!)

I have always found the Theatre Royal a brilliant venue when it comes to the production and overall accessibility. Excuse my face in the photo below, I was clearly overly-happy with my new ogre ears.

(Image description: Ross & Rose with Shrek/Donkey ears)

car adaptions

I love my car and nothing promotes my independence more than the ability to jump in and go for a drive. With that being said, I've recently been struggling with muscle weakness in my hands.

One of the adaptions on my controls is a multi-functional button that I use to control my indicators, lights and windscreen wipers. Taking into account my progressive weakness and the ongoing cold weather - it's been a worrying time.

(Image description: Hot water bottle glove in the car)

It got to the stage where I was losing confidence in my ability to drive, and also taking risks on the road which is never safe. I therefore took it upon myself to contact the adaptions garage in Barnstaple and discuss what alternative options there may be.

Adaptacar were as incredible as always... and where there's a will, theres a way! I now have a new added feature, which is a much lighter button fixed to side of my drivers door. On days where my hands are feeling extra weak, I can now use my wrist or elbow to indicate safely.

(Image description: New hand control button)


A lot of my friends have had birthdays this past month, which has been great for me... one word, FOOD! I love any excuse for a social gathering, especially when it involves either fancy dress or going out for meals.

Here I am as Scooby-Doo (apologies for the tail placement, I really should have thought more about that before going out!)

(Image description: Ross in his Scooby-doo onesie outfit)

UK blog awards

Voting for the UK Blog Awards is still open! I have been overwhelmed with lovely messages of support from everyone since sharing the news of my nomination online.

The vote closes on the 24th December 2018. Your votes would mean the world to me - so if you like my content - please click the little heart icon next to 'A Life on Wheels' in both categories below, thank you!

(Image description: Blog awards poster)

Well there we have it! November has definitely been an interesting month, and I have lots of exciting little projects in the pipeline too.

Let the countdown to christmas begin!

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