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Christmas 2018

Well there we have it... another christmas done and dusted. I hope you all had a good one! Despite half my family feeling under the weather, we still managed to celebrate in style.

And when I say celebrate, I mean EAT. I for one don't want to see another piece of turkey for a loooong time.

(Photo description: Chilling by the fire)

Clinging onto the last few bits of festive cheer, I thought I'd write a post today reflecting on this past week.

The lead up to christmas is always my favourite. The day itself is obviously great - *cough* pigs in blankets *cough* - but it always goes so fast!

I love the little traditions and festive parties that bring everyone together. Don't tell anyone, but I'm a soppy sod really.

Despite the cold weather, here's a few of the fun things I've been up to recently:

21st December

What better way to start my christmas countdown than an 80's evening! This year's Active8 christmas party was held at Plymouth Pavilions, hosted by Ocean City DJ's.

I love any excuse to spend the evening with my mates, especially when there's a 3 course meal and live music thrown into the mix!

(Photo description: Before the event - Active8 members)

(Photo description: Inside the event)

(Photo description: Inside the event - Ross & friends)

22nd December

3 days before christmas and it's my dad's birthday. This year we spoilt him by buying a double kayak - something my dad has always wanted. Fitting this into my car and keeping it hidden for the past few days was a mission, but we did it!

You never know, I might even have a cheeky paddle myself in the new year - so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Christmas Eve

This year I was lucky enough to have both christmas eve and christmas day off work. This was great as my sister was also home, so we were able to chill out and play some rare games!

In the evening, we visited Mousehole harbour lights display. For some reason, this tradition felt extra special this year. That may be down to the massive plate of cheesy chips I had, but still... I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.

(Photo description: Rose & Ross at Mousehole Harbour)

Christmas Day

SANTAAA!!! This year we got up extra early and headed straight to Perranporth beach.

My crazy family (including my auntie, uncle and cousins) all decided last year that it would be a good idea to meet up for a festive "dip"... absolute nutters.

True to their word, everyone stripped off and ran for the seas!

(Photo description: Family photo before going in the sea)

(Photo description: Family photo after going in the sea)

I was more than happy to be chief dog watcher/bag holder/camera man. We then headed to The Watering Hole beach bar for a hot chocolate to warm our bellies!

We then came home and mum once again smashed the christmas dinner, bleddy 'ansome!

We opened a few prezzies, cradled our food babies and before we knew it, we were heading down to my grandparents for the evening.

(Photo description: Xmas dinner table layout)

Boxing Day

Boxing day soon came around and it was like nothing had happened. It was back to work for me and time to reset the countdown!

All in all, it was another epic christmas. Despite several of us feeling a bit worse for wear, we still had an amazing time.

I hope you all had a good one and are preparing yourselves for some New Years Eve fun. Speak soon!

Ross x

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