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2018 - A Year in Review

Last year I wrote a blog post called "Reflecting on my 2017". This was one of my favourite pieces to write, as I love looking back on different memories from throughout the year.

Whether it's revealing something big or achieving something small and personal, I think it's important to reminisce and appreciate the little things in life.

I’ve been looking forward to putting this post together for a while now, but after some recent sad news, my blog has taken a back seat.

We are now well into our first week of the new year, and although this piece may seem a little behind schedule, it’s better late than never. Today felt like the right time to distance myself from the world, drive to my favourite location and start putting pen to paper.

(Photo description: Sea views from the car)

So once again, I've had a cheeky scroll back through my calendar and thought I'd share some of my most memorable moments from 2018:

January 2018

In January I made the decision to go back to college. Photoshop is a skill that I have always been interested in learning, so when the opportunity came to attend a 10-week evening course, I went for it.

Although I stuck the course out, in all honesty it was a waste of time and money. I don't feel like I learnt much - and the small bits I did - I have already forgot! #winning

The only positive I took away from this experience was the closure it gave from my previous college demons. It also gave me an excuse to hang out with my mate each week, which is always fun!

February 2018

It is no surprise that one of, if not my best memory from this year, is my trip to Glasgow in February 2018. Media is one of my biggest passions and to be able to tick a TV appearance off my bucket list was an absolute dream.

Going behind the scenes at the BBC studios and experiencing being a contestant on a fun new gameshow was something I will never forget.

(Photo description: Behind the scenes at BBC Letterbox)

March 2018

Although I may not have gone abroad this year, I have had several little trips away which have been nothing short of amazing. In March, I went to Butlins with a group of my closest friends, for an adult weekend of music.

Despite nearly drowning in the wave machine pool, I had a great time and would love to plan more adventures away with my friends this year.

(Photo description: Butlins nightlife)

April 2018

In April I had the shock of my life, when my best friend, who has been travelling in Australia for the past year or so, surprised me by turning up at my house….

But when I say “turning up”, I mean jumping out from behind my car and scaring the living hell out of me!

(Photo description: Ross & Immy having a cocktail)

I also joined a gym in April and began focusing more on my general health and wellbeing. As much as I would love to get “ripped”, we all know that will never happen. The gym has not only introduced me to an amazing group of people, but it has improved my mindset and encouraged me to push myself to my limits.

(Photo description: Ross using the gym hand-bike)

May 2018

May was a stressful time. What was meant to be a simple operation for Ralph, turned into a much bigger issue than needed be. The dreaded ball-chop/castration didn’t quite go to plan, and there were definitely a few tears all round.

Poor communication with Pets at Home resulted in me leaving their practice. The cone of shame was out in full force and I have never felt so guilty in my life. Fear not, Ralph was soon back to full heath and causing as much mischief as possible!

(Photo description: Ralph laying on my bed)

June 2018

In June I went behind the scenes at Radio Cornwall, after meeting Laurence Reed at a charity event. The whole experience was awesome and seeing all the hard work and daily runnings of the studio was really fascinating. Some would say I have a face for radio… so who knows what the future holds LOL.

(Photo description: Laurence Reed at BBC Radio Cornwall)

I also went to The Royal Cornwall Show this year, which is something I really wanted to do. I enjoyed taking Ralph with me and seeing my Grandparents vintage tractors on display.

July 2018

July was a great month for me. Not only was I spoilt rotten on my birthday, but I finally became the proud owner of this bad-boy hot tub! I am looking forward to making some adaptions to my house this year - creating a "chill-out room" - featuring said hot tub - which is something I have always wanted.

(Photo description: Ross in the hot tub)

July was also a memorable month - the sun was shining and BBQ’s were in full swing - as World Cup fever swept the nation.

Not usually a massive fan of football, this year I thoroughly enjoyed following England’s journey.

(Photo description: Ross & his England flags)

August 2018

August's weather wasn’t as kind to us this year, which was documented in my blog post from Boardmasters festival. Despite this, I still had a great time and got to see one of my favourite new artists - Tom Walker. I loved it so much, that I have already booked tickets to see him perform live again on his upcoming solo tour in April.

(Photo description: Rose & Ross at Boardmasters)

I also had my first experience of a movie drive-in, which is something I mentioned on my Bucket List last year. The Greatest Showman was the perfect film to watch whilst relaxing in the warmth of my car, with popcorn to hand!

(Photo description: Movie drive-in view)

September 2018

From a blogging point of view, September was a real turning point for me. I collaborated with my first brand and attended Cirque du Vulgar - in order to write a review of their show, including disability access. If you missed that post, then I highly recommend you catch up by clicking here.

In September, I was also invited to join the “MD Bloggers Crew”, a group of disabled writers who aim to raise awareness of their varying conditions, whilst fighting for equality and inclusion.

(Photo description: MD Bloggers Crew profiles)

Bonding over similar struggles and interests is exactly what I needed. Not only did they welcome me into their group - in order to give a male perspective on things - but they make me laugh on a daily basis.

We have supported each other through some tough times this year, and I am proud to call each and every one of them my friend. You can follow our journey on twitter: @MDBloggersCrew

October 2018

October is one of my favourite months, as I love to decorate my house in preparation for Halloween. Never one to miss a fancy dress opportunity, this year did not disappoint, as my scary clown was a huge success.

(Photo description: Ross as a clown for Halloween)

October 24th was also the air-date for Letterbox, the TV show my friend and I filmed back in February. Watching this back felt so surreal and I enjoyed every second of it! I am grateful for all the lovely messages of support I received, and I would love to experience something like this again in the near future.

(Photo description: Ross & Charlotte on TV)

November 2018

In November, I dabbled in the field of “Vlogging” and shared my very first video. Despite the fact I was incredibly awkward and hilariously bad at the whole thing, I actually quite enjoyed it. If you missed it, you can click here to see me in action haha.

Fear not, I don't plan on becoming the next Zoella, but don't be surprised if you see the odd video from me in 2019…

(Photo description: Ross filming at the Eden Project)

I also found out in November that I was nominated for a UK Blog Award. This was an overwhelming surprise for me, and although I didn't make the finals, I really appreciated all of the love and support I received across my social media's.

December 2018

What usually is my favourite month of the year, has most definitely been my hardest. Finding the words to describe the loss of an absolute legend is impossible. Felix was a close friend of mine and the realisation that he is no longer with us brings me so much sadness.

Despite his struggles in recent weeks, Felix never failed to make me laugh. Evenings spent at his house - ordering pizza, playing card games and generally having a laugh will forever be my lasting memory.


If you take one thing away from my post today, please let it be this:

Love your life no matter what, as none of us know how long we have left on this crazy planet. Appreciate each day for what it is - make those memories, hug your loved ones and eat that cake.

(Photo description: Perranporth beach views)

Thank you for all of your support this year, on and off the blog. Despite ending on a low note, I hope you all had a lovely christmas and celebrated the new year in style.

“A Life on Wheels” is just getting started, so let’s make 2019 one to remember.

Take care,

Ross x

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