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My Vegetarian Challenge

For most people, being a healthy, vegetable-eating human is no challenge.

For me, this is hell.

From a young age, I have always been a fussy eater. Vegetables just haven't been on my to-do list.

At one stage in my life, my parents used to ring restaurants in advance to ask if they would serve toast. Yep, I was THAT child.

However, now I am 25 years old, believe it or not, I have grown up a little bit. In terms of food, I love trying new places, but I am still not very adventurous.

(Photo description: Ross enjoying a hot chocolate at Gylly Beach Cafe)

With that being said, I recently decided to give the 'vegetarian life' a go, and with February being the shortest month, it was perfect timing.

So you may be thinking...


In all honesty, I don't know. There was no hidden meaning behind this challenge, other than to test myself. I never thought I was that much of a meat eater anyway - BUT BOY WAS I WRONG!

The past 28 days have been awful. It's like being teased when on a diet. I never knew there were so many adverts around for fried chicken.

Not that losing weight was my intention, but I feel unhealthier than ever. I have spent most evenings snacking - after feeling sorry for myself and still hungry after my main meal.

I mean, a chocolate orange still counts as one of my 5-a-day, right?

(Photo description: Ross holding a Terry's chocolate orange)

Also, having to plan meals in advance and not rely on something 'quick and easy' was definitely a learning curve.

In defence though, it's not been all bad...

I've definietly tried some new home recipes and studied restaurant menus more than ever before. My food shops may have taken twice the time, but I have enjoyed exploring these different options.

Even Joe Wicks, the little shit, has helped me out.

(Photo description: Joe Wicks Lean in 15 veggie book)

If this challenge has taught me anything, it's that veggie lasagne is actually banging!

It's also taught me that Tofu is rank, Quorn is cardboard and aubergines should be kept as emojis.

I don't mean to cause offence to any dedicated vegetarians/vegans out there. If anything, I now have so much more respect for you and your commitment to it.

It's just on a personal level... eating grass ain't for me.

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