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Ross's Recommendations #1

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I've been wanting to start this little blog series for a while, but when it comes to actually writing it, I keep getting distracted...

Ross wearing an Ape mask

My aim is to give regular recommendations on some of my favourite things. This could be anything from music choices, to TV shows, to foodie finds - the list is endless!

I love it when people say: "ooo, I saw this and thought of you". In my opinion, a good recommendation can go a long way.

So... let's begin!


If you follow me on Twitter, then it's no surprise that one of my favourite artists right now is Tom Walker. I have been following his music for a while now, and it's great to see his debut album: 'What a Time To Be Alive', recently storm the charts.

I saw Tom perform live at Boardmasters last year and his vocals were INSANE. I also have tickets to see him again in Bristol this April, which I am so excited for. One of my favourite songs of his is an oldie, but one I definitely recommend you listen to:


As always, I am a little late to the party, but a series I have recently been obsessed with is a show called Killing Eve. Without giving too much away, the story follows a battle between Eve (an MI5 security officer) and Villanelle (a psychopathic assassin).

I was hooked from episode 1 and can't wait for the second series to come out in the next few months.

The 'Killing Eve' poster


One of my worst habits is going to bed and spending hours laying there, scrolling on my phone. With this being said, one of my favourite online creators at the moment is a guy called Shane Dawson.

His content differs from many other stereotypical YouTubers, and I really enjoy the extended series' that he now produces. Most recently, his conspiracy theories surrounding smart phones and Chuck E. Cheese pizzas, were brilliantly entertaining/spooky.

Although the "episodes" are long, his production and documentary-style editing keeps you hooked.


Feeling hungry? Eat cake

Having a bad day? Eat cake

Your life's a mess and everything around you is falling apart?

Just eat the damn cake.

My final recommendation is definitely a crowd pleaser. If you're like me and love your food (especially the sweet stuff) then I highly suggest you follow Little Piggies Comfort Cakes.

Jenni, who is also one of my PA's, recently made me this chocolate brownie tower.

A tower of chocolate brownies, topped with Quality Street sweets

It was amazing... and I literally have zero willpower to resist.

I think it's important to support local businesses, so please make sure you're following her Facebook page, even if it is just to ogle at some of her crazy creations!


So there we have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you manage to try out any of the above recommendations.

Or if you have any other suggestions for things I should try/review next - just drop me a message!


Ross x

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