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Accessible UV Rave - Buzz Fitness Cornwall

I recently attended an event with 'Buzz Fitness Cornwall' in collaboration with Active8 - a disability charity that I have been involved with for many years.

I had no intention of writing a review but as the evening was so enjoyable, I felt it was important to mark the occasion.

A group photo of everyone attending the event, underneath the 'Buzz Fitness" sign

Now I'm going to be honest, when I first signed up to this event, I didn't actually realise it was a fitness class.

I know I can be a little scatty at times and yes the clue is in the name... but I genuinely mis-read the description.

But hey, switch the lights off and put a glow stick in my hand, I'll do as much exercise as you want!

Check out some of my highlights from the evening below:

The team were so friendly and inviting, I cannot fault their enthusiasm and overall energy. Sometimes I forget that humans aren't all that bad.

One thing that didn't go unnoticed was their genuine passion for inclusion and accessibility.

The evening started with some UV face painting. Turns out my fear of glitter is a real thing - Sparkalaphobia - hence why I opted for the hairspray instead.

A selfie of Ross with red and green hair

The "Clubbercise" rave was epic. The music choices were pure cheese, but that's exactly what was needed to make it work.

Who knew S Club 7's "Reach" could get me so out of breath?!

Kizzy, who ran the main session, told an inspiring story of how hard the team have worked to get to where they are today.

Not conforming to your stereotypical "skinny instructors", she explained how difficult it has been to be taken seriously in the fitness industry - which I really admired.

I highly recommend you check out some of their events. It was the perfect Saturday night out, minus the drunken weirdos.

The team were kind enough to give us free lifetime memberships, so I for one will be heading back for another glow stick sesh very soon!

For more information and a full list of classes, check out their website:

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