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Making Life That Little Bit Easier - Disabled Product Reviews

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I'm a typical boy when it comes to toys, I LOVE a new gadget.

When looking for accessible products to try, I like things that are small and subtle, as it’s often the little things that can really make a big difference.

For today’s post, I thought I would show you my ‘top 3 finds’ on the Betterlife website.



This post is in collaboration with Lloyds Pharmacy. These gifted products have been tried and tested by myself and as always, my opinions are entirely honest.


Heated Foot Warmer

If you’re anything like me, then this product is a god-send! As a wheelchair user with poor circulation, my body temperature is pretty cold 99% of the time.

An aeriel shot of Ross with his feet in the foot warmer, holding the temperature control

As we all know, hot water bottles can be a dangerous piece of kit - putting you at high risk of burning yourself - especially if you have muscle weakness like myself.

This heated foot warmer is perfectly snug for the winter (or in my case, all year round!).

The thing I love most about this product is it’s safety values. Having a heater that is mains operated takes away all the burning risks associated with pouring a kettle.

The Betterlife heated foot warmer box

The temperature is also regulated via 3 different settings, and it comes with a safety feature that turns the device off after 90 minutes.

It is a known fact the temperature of your feet can affect your entire body. Compact with a soft fleece lining, I cannot fault this product.

Lightweight Cutlery

I have only recently discovered lightweight cutlery and can honestly say that they have changed my life. I know this may sound a bit dramatic but hear me out…

I am foodie, there’s no question about it. There’s nothing I love more than catching up with friends over a good meal, whether that’s at a restaurant or the comfort of my own home.

A shot of Ross's dinner (hamburger steak, chips and peas) holding a lightweight knife and fork

Due to the progressive nature of my condition, over the past year or so I have lost a noticeable amount of strength in my arms and my ability to grip.

Lightweight cutlery has restored my independence to eat. Not only are these sets perfect for those with muscle weakness, the easy-grip features make them a great purchase for someone who also suffers with arthritis.

There’s no stopping me now. Food… GET IN MA BELLAH!

Captured below are just a few of the different cutlery sets I have tried. I personally favour the foam handled type, as I find them to be the lightest option. Surprisingly enough, they are all dishwasher safe and do not leak after washing.

A shot of 3 separate cutlery sets

Other options available include 'curved' sets, bendable items and the infamous ‘knork’ combination.

The set pictured on the far left was definitely an interesting type. I really liked the fork/spoon combination, as it made scooping items such as peas a lot easier.

Round Scoop Dish

This dish is designed low at the front and high at the back, making it an ideal product for those who find it easier to eat with one hand.

The dish is also extremely lightweight, ultimately helping the washing up process.

Close up of the scoop dish with Ross's holding his cutlery, about to eat a roast dinner

As much as I hate the word ‘normal’, it’s subtle style is something I really appreciate. Many disability-related products are unnecessarily bold and can draw unwanted attention.

At a glance, this dish looks no different to any others. I selected the ivory off-white colour, however it is also available in red and yellow.

It’s simple, yet cleverly designed - and I am glad to have tested this item.

It’s non-slip padded bottom is another feature that really appealed to me.

It’s no criticism, but if I had to suggest any improvements, I would recommend selling these in different sizes.

As mentioned above, I am a real foodie and this dish is a little on the small side for my liking. The photo may look deceiving, as in real life it measures up to the same size as a tea plate.

Maybe the portion control will do me good, but I cannot imagine fitting a full Sunday roast on it!


These are just a few of the items that I felt deserved a recommendation today.

If you enjoyed this post or can think of any other products / disability life hacks - then please let me know!

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