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The Monthly Update - Music, Modelling & Marriage

Where do I start? This past month has been pretty manic.

I like to keep myself busy in-between days off work... and this month has been no exception.

For today's post, I thought I'd give you a little life update on some of my favourite April adventures.

Photoshoot Fun

I am definitely no model, but I thoroughly enjoyed this recent shoot for TJSM Clothing.

Ross holding onto the edge of his sunglasses, smiling, wearing a black hoody with bright writing "Good Vibes"

Body confidence in men is not often talked about and is definitely something that I have struggled with over the years.

Obvs I want a six pack, but is that ever gonna happen? No.

Despite this, I had great fun trying on some new clothes and shooting some shots in the sun.

Special thanks to photographer Jo for being her usual comedy self and easing me into it all.

Ross wearing a long sleeved navy tshirt with the logo "Create Love"

Her words of wisdom captured below have stuck in my head, and I can honestly say that I had a blast:

"Imperfections are exactly the thing that make us human. Never let appearance or what you think you should look like hold you back"

Make sure you're following (@jb.lifestyephotography) on instagram for more great content.

Tom Walker


I've been waiting for this concert for what seems like forever, and boy was it worth it. On the 28th April 2019 I travelled to Bristol to see Tom perform live at the O2 Academy.

Tom Walker on stage playing his guitar

This was my first time at this venue and I was intrigued to see how well their disabled access would be.

I would definitely go back, which is a pretty good review in itself I'd say! The venue was smaller than my usual concerts and I enjoyed how intimate the set felt.

My view from the platform was great and vocally, Tom was fantastic. Definitely up there in my top 3 live performers.

Wedding Celebrations

Is it just me, or are weddings like buses? You wait ages for one and then BOOM, two come along at once.

(LOL at me pretending I go on buses #snob)

I recently attended two weddings in the space of one week and it got me thinking... "awww I'd really like one of these myself"

A party that is, not the wife.

A group shot of the family stood outside the wedding church

The first of the celebrations came from my cousin Josh. The whole day was really special and it was great to catchup with some family who I haven't seen for a while.

Without sounding too much like a millennial, it really was #GOALS

The location / barn conversion was a perfect set up. Food and drinks were flowing all night and the music was great (although I think it's best we forget about the strip tease...)

I loved all the little personal touches that Josh & Kayleigh added. I mean... there was even fairy lights in the portaloo's, talk about festival vibes!

It was clear how much time and effort they had put into all the planning, and I'm so glad it all came together perfectly for them on the day.

Tabs & Dom kissing after signing the marriage certificate

The second of this months celebrations came from my good friend Tabs. There's something really special about watching one of your close friends get married.

Although the real deal had already been done on the slopes in France a few weeks back, I was honoured to be a part of her UK registry.

Skiing in her actual wedding dress, pretty epic huh!


If you know me well, then you will know that I don't have the best history with water.

I'm scared of fish and I have a tendency to drown... so when I mentioned going Kayaking recently, someone really should have stopped me.

But hey, in the words of Sia:

"I'm aliiiiiiiiiiive!"

Ross sat in a kayak at sea, smiling, blue skies

I love the sea and everything Cornwall has to offer, however, I usually like to look at it from a distance.

Pushing the boundaries as always, I decided to get my ass into a kayak. I find it quite funny how I literally just sat there whilst my family had a heart attack.

Paddling is for peasants. It's not something I will rush out to do again, but it was good fun and I enjoyed making the memories.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little update. I'm sure I will be back soon with some more monthly madness!


Ross x

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