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Spice Up Your Life - Cardiff 2019

It's been a while since I've posted...

So hey! How's it going?

As I sit here feeling very sorry for myself - nose dripping, chest coughing and head throbbing - I thought I'd give you a little update.

Although I was't planning on writing a post about my recent trip to Cardiff, I stumbled across this throwback pic and I HAD to share it.

Sorry Dad.

Throwback family photo - spice girls fancy dress - Ross as sporty spice, dad as scary, mum as posh, sister as baby

Also, can we just appreciate the irony of me being sporty spice? LOL

So if you hadn't guessed already, I recently saw the Spice Girls live in concert.

Did I really just admit to that in public?

Yep, just let that sink in for a minute. Don't judge me, they're legends, ok!


Sorry, I don't know what came over me then. Anyway, back to business...

So it was the Bank Holiday Monday and we set off from home around 12pm midday. We planned everything down to a tea - from which service station to stop at, to what food we were gonna buy... (KFC obvs)

View from the car window - blue skies, road ahead

Turns out none of that actually happened... Traffic was a bitch and nothing was gonna stop me from seeing Ginger spice in action.

What should have taken just over 3 hours took nearer 4 and a half. But on a positive note, we still made it to our hotel just in time before the road closures - result!

Once checked in, we donned our wigs in the hotel bar (and despite a few dodgy looks) we were well on our way.

Ross, Mark and James in their wigs - Ross in a blag afro, James in a ginger wig and Mark with a blonde wig

The Gig

Principality Stadium

Was it the best concert I've ever been to? No.

But it was a hell of a lot of fun and I wouldn't change a thing.

Believe it or not, I'm not the biggest superfan in the world, so there were many a song I didn't know, but the overall atmosphere was great.

We didn't have the best of views from the lower tier platform, but at least we were dry compared to the muggles stood in the main arena.

Our view of the stage

The girls were full of energy and the classic songs were bloody brilliant.

There were plenty of accessible toilets nearby, as well as food and drink stations - so I was a happy man.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Holiday Inn - City Centre, Cardiff. I would definitely consider staying here again for any future gigs at this venue. It was in walking distance from the stadium and the parking on site was ideal.

Official photo of the exterior of the hotel - take from the Holiday Inn website

Breakfast was delish and staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. Although their lifts were small, management were very informative and made me fully aware of the measurements etc prior to my trip.

Our room was lovely and spacious - despite rearranging the entire place. But hey, when you live 'a life on wheels' - it's impossible to travel light.

A photo of Ross's messy room - mattress leaning against a wall, portable profiling bed being set up

My only criticism is that although our bathroom was nice and big, I don't understand how a standard bath is considered "accessible".

Everyone's needs are different, I get that, but the majority of 'disabled friendly' rooms I've stayed at in the past have had level access / wet room showers. Not a complaint, just an observation.

As nobody wants a stinky Ross.


So that's it really, I guess you could say we are officially Spice Boys.

He can deny it all he likes, but I know my dad has been a (not-so-secret) fan for many years. Bringing him along to this gig and seeing him try to work the camera on his phone was definitely a highlight for me.

Ross's dad sat at his seat, with the stage in the background before the show

I also needed a driver, so cheers mate!

Also, my first 'road trip' with two of my best friends was great fun. We're already looking to plan our next getaway and it was nice to see a bit of the Cardiff nightlife after the gig as well.

Perks of being a wheelchair user on a night out:

-Free entry into the club

Downside of being a wheelchair user on a night out:

-People have no spatial awareness

-Dickheads everywhere

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