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Nitro Circus: Butlins Weekender 2019

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Hello annual leave, I've missed you.

What better way to start your holiday than a weekend away with some of your best mates?!

I wasn't sure how best to start this post...

1. Because I am absolutely knackered

2. The camera will never do justice to how epic this weekend was

Organised by the brilliant team at Active8, we arrived at Butlins early evening on Friday.

The Butlins entrance

After dropping down our bags and grabbing a cheeky slice of pizza, we headed for the Nitro Circus opening party.

Update: we missed it.

However the weather was incredible and the sun was setting, so we decided to chill outside whilst listening to some music. The perfect evening in my eyes.

Sunset photo, showing the crowds of people chilling on grassed area

After then spending my entire life savings in the arcades, we made our way to the main arena for some more entertainment.

That evening we watched an ABBA and Oasis tribute... probably best I don't comment on those! haha

In other news, I had a Pina Colada. Check me out... getting all tropical and shit.

Nitro Circus

Before we knew it, Saturday was here and it was time for the main event: Nitro Circus Live.

Ross parked in his wheelchair beside a large Nitro Circus sign

The intimate arena inside the Skyline Pavillion showcased an all-star lineup of freestyle motocross (FMX) riders. I'm not usually a fan of sports like this, but it was honestly epic.

We had front row seats and an amazing view of all the incredible stunts and tricks. I'm also pretty sure I caught a tan from being so close to the fire blasters!

I managed to capture a selection of highlights from the show, which can be seen in my video below:

Another main highlight for me this weekend was the Silent Disco.

It's no secret that I love anything to do with music, especially when headphones are involved and you don't have to speak to anyone.

Yet again it was the perfect outdoor weather, so this made it even more special.

I have definitely decided I want a silent disco at my wedding... or maybe my funeral, whichever comes first lol.

Ross and Issy wearing their headphones at the silent disco


The overall accessibility at Butlins is great. All the main areas, including restaurants and toilets, were all wheelchair friendly.

Our adapted room was lovely and spacious, including the bedroom, bathroom and living room. There were also disabled parking bays right outside our lodge which made unloading all our bags and equipment much easier.

The two main arena's "Centre Stage" and "Reds" were also very good in terms of access. My only suggestion for Centre Stage would be to have an additional lift, as they only had one small one which caused quite a queue each time.

Outside view of the Centre Stafe building
Outside view of the 'Reds' building

Also, how annoying are children?! Remind me to book an 'adults only' weekend next time, yeah?

Thank you again to Active8 for arranging another brilliant weekend, and a special thanks to my PA Jenni for all her support.

Making memories like these are so important to me. We had a great time away, but I'm so happy to be back home in my own bed (with my furry friend!)

These late nights and early starts are definitely going to come back to haunt me!

I made sure to take lots of photos, so I hope you enjoy my gallery below:

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