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HarbourQ ~ Foodie Review

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

It's a well known theory that if you send positive vibes out into the universe, your life will be rewarded.

So I'mma just put it out there...


Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Ross and his friends Mark and Alex, sat at their table ready to eat their food

As a proper foodie at heart, I love discovering new places to eat in and around Cornwall. I've said it before - and I'll say it again - a good recommendation can go a long way!

So with that being said, today's post is all about 'HarbourQ' - a new pop-up diner in the heart of Charlestown.

View of HarbourQ outdoor seating from across the harbour
Welcome sign at HarbourQ entrance "come in, we're open!"

When checking out any new restaurant / venue for the first time, it's more than just the menu I need to consider.

The Food

Us "Brits" love a good BBQ, so the idea behind this summer pop-up is perfect!

Screenshot from HarbourQ instagram page, view of the bbq from the chefs point of view

On arrival, we were lucky enough to sample a selection of different options from the menu. Between my friends and I, we chose the slow cooked beef brisket, as well as the halloumi and sweet potato flatbread.

Birdseye view of the food on our table, 4 bbq trays

We also had a cheeky side of cajun fries, potato salad and coleslaw. It's safe to say that no food went to waste!

Close up shot of the bowl of cajun fries

Little gestures can also go a long way, and it was nice to see that 'HarbourQ' support the "no excuse for single use" plastic policy. This can be seen from their re-usable cup deposit scheme:

The Atmosphere

Apart from the food being delish, one of my favourite things about 'HarbourQ' was the atmosphere.

We had the perfect weather that night, which made the alfresco dining experience even more special.

Via from our table over the harbour, with a boat in the background. Sign on the table "Reserved for Ross Lannon @7pm"

All the staff were incredibly friendly and the views over the harbour were lovely. As it got darker, the decorative lights that hung above us were a really nice added feature, as well as the freestanding heater which was luckily placed beside us!

Wooden bar area with 'BBQ' sign and lightbulb style string lights

The Access

Accessibility was not a problem at 'HarbourQ'. There is a large car park at the bottom of Charlestown which is just a small walk / wheel away from the restaurant.

In order to access the venue, you need to cross a short bridge over the harbour. At one point I felt like I was doing a Bushtucker Trial... JUST DON'T LOOK DOWN haha.

Ross crossing the bridge over the harbour

Once you've crossed the bridge, the ground area is fairly flat minus a few gravel stones. However, this was no issue for either an electric or manual wheelchair.

Unfortunately there were no accessible toilets on site, however we were fully informed of this prior to our visit, which was much appreciated.

'The Longstore' in Charlestown is also run by the same team, so if needed be, we were advised to use their facilities via a lift upstairs.

The downstairs entrance to The Longstore

If you're anything like me and enjoy summer night festival-vibes, then I would definitely recommend a trip to 'HarbourQ'.

Open 7 days a week from 3pm - late, be sure to check them out anytime between now and October 2019.

Did I mention they are also dog friendly?! #WIN

Chilled evenings like this are by far my favourite.

Good food and good friends, what more could you want?!

3 re-usable cups "cheers'ing"


Food from this experience was gifted to me in return for an honest review. For more information, check out @hbqcharlestown on Instagram.

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