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Mystery Unboxing!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

'Surprises' are like the marmite of the toast world - it can go one of two ways...

I personally LOVE a good surprise.

Ross holding up a cardboard box labelled "Mystery Box" with the Medequip logo. Edited with question marks around him

In celebration of my recent birthday and my 4 year anniversary of living independently, I received a mystery box from the team at Medequip UK.

Medequip UK run an online retail store called "Manage @ Home" - where they specialise in home care products, supporting disabled people to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

After reaching out to me online, I was excited to review a selection of "mystery" items.

A handwritten message inside the box: "Hi Ross, happy birthday! We hope you enjoy this goodie bag"


This post is in collaboration with Medequip UK. Products were gifted to me in return for an honest review / showcase.


The first item I received was this awesome No Bend Pet Bowl... quite possibly one of my favourite life hacks ever.

The long handled pet bowl placed beside Ross's dog in his bed

I have used these bowls in the past and strongly recommend them if you're a pet owner - or alternatively - if you like to eat your food off the floor yourself, whatever floats your boat.

Regardless of whether you have a disability or not, the adjustable handle on this bowl makes life so much easier.

When I first became a dog-dad, feeding Ralph was one of my biggest concerns. This bowl aids my independence at meal times, thanks to it's lightweight structure and stylish good looks...

A bit like me really ;-)


Next up, I received a range of 'accessible' scissors. Quite random I know, but hear me out.

The first set I opened were a pair of Chiropodist Scissors.

Long handled chiropodist scissors

Fear not guys, I won't be getting my feet out on here. All jokes aside, these easi-grip clippers are brilliant for anyone who struggles to bend and reach their toes.

Next up were a set of Kitchen Shears - perfect for anyone with limited strength in their hands.

I personally love the design of these as I often struggle with my grip - as previously documented in other posts.

Kitchen shear, large black scissors

These scissors are spring loaded with a self opening mechanism and safety lock.

Although I love this creation, unfortunately I am too weak to use them single handedly, as the resistance caused by the spring does require some strength.

However on a positive note, it gives me something to work towards, as I am always looking for new ways to improve my grip.


Another kitchen-related item I received was this 'Canpull' device - ideal for opening ring pull cans / tins.

A can of baked beans with the lime green can opener attached

Again, designed for people to prepare meals independently, this gadget is said to be perfect for those with weak hands or grip.

I personally didn't get on so well with this item, as my strength is very limited. For me to physically open a can, I think I need to invest in an electric opener.

Ross trying to open the can in his kitchen

And finally, the last item in my mystery box were these colourful selection of Key Turners.

Gone are the days that I accidently get locked out of my house... (long story!)

3 Key turners in the set - packaging photo

These key turners are a brilliant invention, providing a larger surface area for those like myself who struggle to grip hold of smaller items. Waheyyyy!

I now have these turners attached to my set of keys, with a variety of colours resembling different doors around my house.

Ross's door handle with the key turners hanging on his set of keys

So there we have it folks!

I've never done a mystery unboxing on my blog before, so I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

As always, my opinions are entirely honest. This box was a mixture of good and bad - but hey, that's real life for ya.

If you liked the look of any of the products I've mentioned, I have linked them all above - or you can check out the Manage @ Home website.

Thanks again to Medequip UK for giving me the chance to explore these handy household gadgets.

If you'd like to see more of my birthday shenanigans, you can catch up on my previous post by clicking here.

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