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The Weekly Roundup (ft. Motown: The Musical)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

I read a quote recently that said:

"It's not about having time, it's about making time"

How important is that?!

Whether I'm at work or hanging out with my friends - having things booked in the diary really keeps me going.

Quote: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein

Having a busy lifestyle is great, but don't get me wrong, a few more early nights definitely wouldn't go a miss.

This week in particular has been a very social one, but I'm loving all the different opportunities that come my way.

I used to get excited over cancelled plans - now look at me! haha.

Motown: The Musical

I was recently invited to the 'Press Night' of Motown The Musical, at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.

.... and I absolutely loved it!

Motown The Musical large window display at the Theatre Royal

We all know I am a huge fan of all things music, but this show was something else. As an old soul at heart, an evening full of amazing talents and throwback tunes was exactly what I needed - good vibes all round!

Without giving too much away, this musical story is based around Berry Gordy and his record label that founded the Motown empire - launching the careers of Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5.

As always, the Theatre Royal in Plymouth was the perfect venue in terms of the performance and accessibility.

What made this night even more special was the fact I could share it with one of my close friends, Sophie.

A selfie inside the theatre of Ross & Sophie

Sophie and I met in secondary school and have shared many memories over the years.

After going through a tough time recently, I am so pleased that I was able to enjoy this experience with her. Perks of the job, hey!

Motown The Musical will be playing in Plymouth until the 17th August 2019. To see a full list of all other events at the Theatre Royal, click here.

Virtual Reality

What do you get when you mix a wheelchair user and a virtual reality headset?

An accident waiting to happen.

Another fun event I recently attended was a VR experience at the new "Player Ready" studios in Truro.

Ross wearing a virtual reality headset, covering his ears and ears - holding a remote control

At one point I was literally Spider-Man, LIFE MADE.

To see a full video of me in action, you can check out my Instagram feed here.

The Lion King


(literally don't know the lyrics, but you know what I mean)

So I finally got round to seeing the new Lion King film the other night!

The Lion King 2019 poster

Even though I saw the original many years ago, I couldn't remember much of the story, so for me it was like watching a completely new film.

I definitely found it a bit jumpy in places... since when was this a kids film?!

Mufasa also turned me into a soppy sod, damn you Disney.

Birthday Fun

And finally, we also celebrated another family birthday this week.

In preparation for my Mum's big day, my sister and I made this banging cake and I'm pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself. Not a soggy bottom in sight!

A vanilla sponge cake topped with chocolate strawberries

Thanks again for all the love recently. If you enjoy reading my posts, please don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list below - go on, it's free!

Speak soon,

Ross x

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