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Becoming a "boohooMAN" Affiliate

Ok guys, strap yourselves in because today's post is an exciting one!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be posting a "fashion item" on my blog, but hey, Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister - so anything can really happen!

Tripod set up in the middle of an empty road, on a quiet housing estate.

For those that don't know, boohooMAN is an online fashion retailer, specialising in men's clothing.

I've always taken pride in my appearance, so the fact that I am officially partnering with a mega-brand such as boohoo is VERRRRYY exciting!

Before I get into any more details, please check out my "lookbook" video diary below, where I can be seen wearing a selection of their clothes.


Any sales generated via the links below, will earn myself a small commission. Prices and stock availability are subject to change.

Becoming an official "affiliate" will give me the chance to showcase some of boohooMAN's latest trends.

Regardless of any dolla / gifted items, I am just excited for the opportunity to represent disabilities in the mainstream media.

As always, thank you for all your support.



Ross wearing a blue boohooMAN t-shirt


Ross wearing a tie dye shirt, in black/white colour


Ross wearing white boohooMAN shoes


Ross wearing a black and green boohooMAN t-shirt


Ross wearing a black boohooMAN t-shirt


Ross wearing a burgundy pair of boohooMAN striped trousers


Ross wearing a black and blue striped boohooMAN t-shirt


Close up of Ross wearing black sunglasses


Ross wearing a blue tie dye style shirt, open style


Ross wearing a grey and white checked trousers


Ross wearing white boohooMAN socks with black shoes


Ross wearing a pair of blue and yellow striped shorts


Ross wearing a white boohooMAN t-shirt with the text: "Don't believe everything you see on social media"

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