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2022: The Yearly Recap

As another year comes to an end, I always like to take this time to reflect on the past 12 months.

I'll be honest, the concept of this post has sat in my drafts for the past few weeks now, as I got caught up inside my head thinking... "what have I actually achieved in 2022?"

Ross on Christmas Day wearing a black candy cane shirt, sat at holding a wine glass in front of his Christmas dinner

But after some deeper reflections (and a scroll through my camera roll!), I realised I'd actually accomplished a lot more than I remembered.

I often put a lot of pressure on myself to be seen as "successful" - almost as if I have a point to prove. Whilst I do want to achieve big things, it's also just as important to appreciate the smaller wins and experiences in life.

So instead of breaking each month down into my usual highlights, I thought I would make things more visual this year, by sharing some of my favourites photos from 2022...

Staying in an accessible Omnipod cabin. Whilst I'm not usually a fan of camping, this was a great blog opportunity to showcase something a little bit different, whilst also enjoying a little weekend getaway with my family!

Driving an accessible powerboat via Wetwheels. I always love to push the boundaries and showcase things you wouldn't necessarily expect to see from a wheelchair user. Enjoying this experience with one of my best friends will be a memory I will never forget.

Collage of images showing the creation of Ross's animation character

Being made into animation character this year was definitely a highlight for me. I am proud to work with organisations such as AccessAble, where we can raise awareness of the importance of accessibility.

Action shot behind the scenes of Ross presenting at the Care Awards. Wearing a purple suit and holding a microphone

Co-hosting the Care & Support Awards for CAHSC Learning Partnership. This was one of my first broadcasts outside of the CHAOS TV studios, and I absolutely loved meeting so many inspirational people. It was at this moment that I realised how much I love presenting as a future career.

Calum Scott is by far one of my favourite artists of all time, so it was a real bucket list moment this year when I got to see him perform live in Birmingham.

Other live shows that have stood out to me this year include Boardmasters, SIX the musical and Adam Kay.

Ross and 2 members of staff at Karen's Diner, laughing and posing for a photo with their middle fingers up

Whilst in Birmingham I also got to visit the famous Karen's Diner, which is still one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had... but I bloody loved it!

For those who don't know the concept behind this abusive restaurant, I recommend you Google it!

Collage of 2 images showing Ross sat beside a powerpoint screen with his name on, and a room full of people from the MS Society

Back in May I also did my first ever public speaking presentation, where I talked about my blog and general life experiences in front of a room full of people. I would like to thank the MS Society South & West Cornwall for this opportunity, which really helped with my confidence.

Ross sat inside his new car, in his new wheelchair. With interior wire work going on all around him

Getting a new wheelchair and a new car were two huge changes in my life this year. Yes I may have moaned the entire process (and things still may not be 100% right), but the upgrades were definitely needed.

Selfie of Ross when he has Covid, looking rough with a cold flannel on his head

Health-wise I have had a fairly good year. Despite catching Covid (apologies for the above picture!) and the occasional chest infection, I have been pretty lucky. Kidney stones remain as my arch nemesis, and will definitely be something I need to address in the New Year.

I also started a new drug trial which is incredibly exciting. This is not something I have talked about publicly on my platform before, as it doesn't feel right for me to "boast" about having access to something, when so many of my disabled friends and followers don't.

Whilst this new drug will not have me performing miracles in 2023, it will aim to slow down the progression of my condition and hopefully maintain the limited muscles I have.

Ross's framed Journalism certificate

This year I also passed my Journalism qualification via the NCTJ. I started this journey back in lockdown - in the hope of progressing my media career - and it's something I am really proud of.

Life with The CHAOS Group has certainly kept me busy this year and I've loved all the experiences that have come with it. I've made some great friends and I'm excited to see what other fun & games are in store for 2023.

Collaborating with BBC Radio Cornwall on various projects has also been a career highlight this year.

And finally....

I couldn't end this post without mentioning how grateful I am for all the amazing people I have in my life. I am very lucky to be surrounded by such incredible family and friends - both online and in person.

Whilst I may be an anti-social bugger at times, I don't know where I would be without you all. To those who read and support my blog posts as well, THANK YOU, it honestly means the world.

When I first started writing this post, I was concerned that I hadn't achieved enough in the past 12 months to warrant it as a "successful" year.

However, as I sit and look back through all these memories with a smile on my face... it's the people that really matter.

"The end of a year is like closing a window.
With a new one opening to let fresh light in..."

I need to stop being so critical of myself, and be proud of my achievements no matter how big or small.

In the words of that famous Kris Jenner meme: "you're doing amazing sweetie!"

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Here's to 2023!!


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