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Festive AF

It's taken me a while, but now that we're knee-deep in December... I'm finally starting to feel festive!

I may not have written any cards yet, or wrapped a single present, but most importantly the christmas decorations are up, and Lannon's grotto is officially open for business!

(don't even think about knocking on my door, okay)

If you know me well, then you will know that I'm a sucker for a bauble. Behave.

This year, I've gone all out with the design of my tree - and by "all out" - I mean I've literally chucked everything on it.

I'm particularly impressed with this year's tree topper - what do you think?

My "fairy" isn't the only new addition to this year's grotto. I also have a ginormous elf (who is yet to be named!) so I'm open to suggestions!

Landscape shot of Ross's living room. Christmas tree lit up on the left hand corner. Ross's dog sat on the sofa next to a massive elf teddy. Xmas lights decorated around the windows

My "sod it, it's christmas" attitude is in full swing.

My diet has well and truly gone out the window, what with all the festive gatherings I have planned - any excuse for a roast dinner, hey!

I should probably stop spoiling my dog as well and actually crack on with my shopping...

A christmas pudding shaped advent calendar, filled with dog treats. Text says "merry christmas Ralph" at the top of the pudding

Speak soon!

Ross x


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