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June / July Diaries - 2021

Well well well… hello strangers. Apologies for leaving it so long since my last diary update - I’ve actually been quite a busy boy!

As well as my usual college work and radio shenanigans, I’ve also been doing lots of writing for other organisations recently, which has been really exciting. But fear not, this platform will always be my original baby! I just need to manage my time a little better. Here's a picture of Ralphy to kick things off with a smile...

Close up shot of Ralph on his lead, stood on a grassy cliff area, blue skies above

For today’s post, I’ve decided to merge the most “interesting" moments of my life from the past few months all into one little time capsule. Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or comments, as I always love to hear what you guys have been up too as well!

7th June 

Something a little different to usual, but today I had my first ever psychic reading. Those closest to me will know that I have always had an interest in the spiritual world, so this was quite a big and brave moment for me.

Whilst I didn’t get answers for everything I had hoped for, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would consider another personal reading one day - as there were definitely things she said that a stranger could never know.

11th June

Today I had great fun co-presenting CHAOS TV, as we hosed a special G7 themed event. I loved getting to interview so many interesting guests, as well as discussing a range of different topics surrounding Cornwall and it’s future.

Behind the scenes shot through a camera lens of Ross interviewing some guests in the CHAOS studio garden
12th June 

From the moment my sister bought her very first home, we have talked about having a “fish & chip night” to celebrate all the renovations being complete. Tonight was that night and I am so proud of everything she has achieved. She has worked so hard on this project and her new home is looking amazing!! Check out my sister's Instagram page for all the awesome "before / after" photos.

Although I may not have been able to help with all the physical bits, I loved being the "man with a van" and supporting where I can. Oi oiiiii, cheeky little rhyme there.

The fact that my sister searched for a bungalow that was accessible for me to visit honestly means the world. Ralphy has also given his seal of approval in the garden haha. If you're reading this Rose, then I am so proud of you... now stick the kettle on!

15th June

Now it wouldn't be a diary update of mine if there wasn't at least one hot tub selfie! I am loving this nice weather recently (and yes, I have learnt my lesson from my previous hot tub drama - the temperature was much cooler!)

Selfie of Ross and his selfie in the hot tub
26th June

After feeling a little bit under the weather this week, it was nice to be social again today and celebrate my friend James’ 30th birthday. Luckily the weather still held out and we had a really nice BBQ outside.

Ross's friends Mark & James stood beside the BBQ, flames coming off the grill
7th July

Whilst I’m not usually a massive football fan, I have been really enjoying the Euro’s this year - in particular the England games. Despite feeling under the weather again, I donned my shirt for the semi-finals and felt proud to be British!

Selfie of Ross with his mum and dad, all wearing england football shirts and holding a flagf
14th July

Today I was invited onto BBC Radio Cornwall to talk about “Freedom Day”, and to share my thoughts on the latest Government guidance from the point of view of somebody who has been shielding. I really enjoyed this chat and it was also a great opportunity to discuss my blog! Check out my previous post to hear the interview in full.

20th July

Welcome to my birthWeek! Why celebrate only one day when you can milk it for a least a few more?! For my birthday this year I fancied a Bookoos burger, which if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know that they are one of my favourites. Remember my Mighty Boo Challenge from a few years back?

Ross and his sister sat at the outdoor table smiling, with their big burger plates

My original plan for the night was to get a takeaway and park up in front of a sea view, as I am still not comfortable with the idea of sitting inside a restaurant. However on our way there, we sadly found out that Bookoos no longer do take-outs. Obviously this was massively disappointing, but luckily we still managed to find an outdoor table and enjoy the meal as best as we could. The food was great... I’m just still very cautious around other human beings. Ahhhh what is this life?!

21st July

28 years old today… time flies when you’re having fun! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made such a special effort for me today. I was spoilt rotten with so many amazing cards, prezzies and messages online. I truly am grateful to have such amazing family and friends.

Here is a picture of me enjoying my Colin the Caterpillar cake, mmmm!

Ross holding his caterpiller cake, looking down at it on his lap with his tongue out
22nd July

Today was back to business as I was co-presenting my usual slot on CHAOS TV / Radio. As the weather was so good we enjoyed hosting the show from the studio garden, which always makes a nice change. I was also given the opportunity to discuss my blog in a special feature recorded below:

Ross and his co-presenter pulling funny faces outside in the CHAOS radio garden
23rd July

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am part of the Accessibility Forum at Newquay Airport - which I absolutely love. To think I can play a role in improving the overall experience / access for wheelchair users when travelling is a real honour for me. After a bit of a hiatus due to the pandemic, it was so nice to get back discussing important subjects today and airport developments for the future - albeit virtually.

This afternoon, I also enjoyed taking Ralphy for a little stroll along Falmouth seafront.

Ross walking his dog in his wheelchair, overlooking the seafront

I hope you guys are all doing ok and have had a good few months too? Thanks again for all the support as always, and I hope to be back posting more regular content soon!

Take care,

Ross x


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