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Life Update: New Job & Breaking Comfort Zones

I like the idea of challenging myself, but on reflection, it's not something I tend to do that often.

I would never describe myself as being "spontaneous", as my disability has somewhat shaped me to become super-organised. In life, there are just certain risks I can't afford to take when it comes to my health or accessibility.

Ross sat in his wheelchair on a bridge overlooking the ocean below

However, this got me thinking about my "comfort zone" and some of the things that I have pushed myself to do recently.

"Sometimes it's good to look back, to see how far you've come"

One of the biggest risks I haven taken most recently, was leaving my stable job of 8+ years due to the pandemic. Not only was this a big risk financially, but also in terms of my pride.

Working with a disability is a stereotype that I have fought so hard to maintain - and it felt like a major step backwards for me to become unemployed again.

Ross and his new colleagues at CHAOS TV on the cliffs - blue skies and sea views

However, I used this to my advantage during lockdown and threw myself into more freelance opportunities. Fast forward 12 months and I am now working in a career that I am so passionate about.

As someone who loves all things media related, becoming a "Presenter and Social Media Producer" for CHAOS TV is a dream role for me. Here are a selection of photos from recent events that we broadcasted.

Another example of pushing myself out of my comfort zone recently, was when I did my first ever public speaking presentation.

I was kindly invited to do a talk for the MS Society South & West Cornwall - where I shared an insight into my life as a wheelchair user, including accessibility tips and recommendations.

Ross sat beside a TV screen displaying a powerpoint presentation with his name and blog logo on
Ross sat in the middle of a room of 20+ people at the MS Society

This was another great opportunity to build on my confidence, whilst networking with some fantastic people.

I guess the moral of this story is that not all risks are bad... sometimes it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone because you never know where you may end up!

Things have been pretty hectic recently, but I'm loving the variety that it has bought to my life. Who knows what's next?! I certainly don't - but either way - I'm excited.


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