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Life Update: Presenting, Parties & Pumpkins

For today's blog post, I thought I would share a little life update on some of the things I've been up to recently.

The camera roll on my phone is often filled with memories that I don't always post, so what better place to share them, than on my very own blog?!

Ross sat in his wheelchair on the clifftops, with bright blue sky and sea views in the background

Keynote Speaking

I recently delved into the world of keynote speaking and surprised myself by how much I loved it! Being able to share my "wisdom" (LOL) and talk all things accessibility is definitely something I am keen to do more of.

As an ambassador for AccessAble, I recently presented to a room full of NHS professionals, in conjunction with University Hospitals Plymouth. The aim of this talk was to discuss the importance of accessibility & inclusion within hospital environments, by highlighting some of the barriers disabled people face on a daily basis.

View from the back of the room of Ross presenting to a group of approx 30

On a lighter note, I was also recently invited back to the MS Society South & West Cornwall, to host a presentation on accessible activities.

Not only was this a great networking opportunity for my blog, but it was also a safe-space for like-minded people to come together and share their thoughts, experiences and recommendations.

Ross raised up in his wheelchair, next to his presentation projected on a TV screen
View of the MS Society from the back of the room

Access Cornwall

Whilst we're on the topic of accessibility, I'm excited to share that I was recently commissioned to create a series of videos promoting SEN provisions around Cornwall, for young people aged 16+ on behalf of Access Cornwall.

So instead of featuring in the piece myself - I was now the videographer, director and editor all in one!

Behind the scenes shot of Ross positioning a camera for Access Cornwall

This was definitely a big project for me over the past few months, challenging my skills using new equipment and techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the filming and editing process, and I'm so pleased with the positive feedback it has received.


Alongside everything else that has been going on, CHAOS Radio is still very much a big part of my working week.

A few months ago now, CHAOS launched a new partnership to merge with Radio St Austell Bay - which now means we broadcast on 105.6FM in the St Austell & surrounding areas.

In other words... I now have to be on my best behaviour seen as we're Ofcom regulated haha.

Group photo of the CHAOS and St Austell Bay radio team

This is a really exciting development and I'm keen to see where the future takes us!

For those who'd like to listen to my show, I broadcast LIVE every Tuesday & Thursday from 10am - 1pm. You can tune in via the website, or download the app for free. Alternatively, you can also watch me online at

If you missed my recent interview with American rockband Wheatus, you can catch up here:

Promotional shot of Ross in the radio studio, wearing headphones, pictured next to a lightup "on air" sign

SMA UK Podcast

As part of my freelance work, I am also a regular host on the SMA UK podcast. We discuss a whole range of disability related topics - from holidays, to sport, to mental health - there really is something for everyone.

One of our most viewed episodes recently, was an interview with disability activist Alex Dacy (aka Wheelchair Repunzel). We talked all about internet trolling and what it's like to receive negative comments online:

Live Events

Even though I've been working pretty hard these past few months, I definitely still found time to enjoy some social events.

Anne-Marie at The Eden Sessions was definitely a highlight for me! It felt like a mixture between a standup comedy show and a music gig - she was great fun and sounded even better live than expected.

Ross's view of the Eden Session stage. Holding a cider in hand, overlooking the crowds from above

I also travelled to Powderham Castle in Exeter, to see Bastille on their 10th anniversary tour.

The gig itself was great, but getting home was a disaster. Unfortunately my wheelchair decided to break down in the middle of a dark field on my way back to the car... fun times!

Ross on the wheelchair platform at the Bastille concert, snuggling up to a blanket

I've also been a regular theatre-goer at The Hall For Cornwall recently, watching performances such as Mamma Mia, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Greatest Days & The Mousetrap.


It's no secret that I love my music, and will take any opportunity to get on that dance floor. Silent discos in particular have become my new favourite thing!

With that being said, I recently attended an 80s Vs. 90s night and it was AMAZING.

My friends Kate & Dan also got married recently. It was such a special day to be involved in - filled with Harry Potter references, great food and live music - what more could you want?!

Kate & Dan pictured kissing outside in the dark, whilst surrounded by guests holding sparklers
Photo Credit: Liam Alford Photography
Ross and his sister at the wedding. Ross is wearing a dark purple suit, and Rose is wearing a blue floral dress

Spooky Season

Despite hating this winter weather, I LOVE Halloween and all things autumnal. So I couldn't end this post without sharing a few pictures from my recent hunt to find the perfect pumpkin.

Oh... and a sneak peak inside my Haunted House!

Over the shoulder shot of Ross overlooking a pumpkin patch
A large selection of pumpkins inside a trailer, with a variety of colours and sizes

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It's certainly been a busy few months, but I love reflecting back on it all.

Mariah Carey is defrosting as we speak... so roll on Christmas!!

Take care,

Ross x


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