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Lockdown Diaries - April 2021

As always, I like to start off my blog posts with some words of wisdom, and today's quote comes from Henry David Thoreau.

"It's not what you look at that matters... it's what you see"

OoOoHhh pretty deep huh? Perspective really is everything. I've been reading my horoscope a lot lately and the other day it genuinely told me to just eat ice cream... so I can't complain!

Low down angle of Ross in his wheelchair, sat in front of a multicoloured graffiti wall

Anyway, it's been quite a busy month so here I am with another life update for you. I know I can't really call these the "lockdown diaries" anymore seen as I'm actually leaving the house now (yay!) - so if you have any other name suggestions for me, please let me know!

1st April 

Now that restrictions allow, I took advantage of the nice weather tonight by hosting a BBQ in the garden with a couple of mates. Here is a photo of my friend James burning our burgers as per usual haha.

Ross's friend stood at the BBQ with flames coming off the grill
3rd April

Today I received a lovely surprise on my doorstep with a note from my neighbours. At first I thought I had been sent some hate mail, as there was a small bag filled with some dodgy brown stuff... but then I quickly realised it was in fact soil for a sunflower growing competition - how cute is that?!

Community spirit is so important right now and this really did make my day. I was honoured to accept the challenge, and here is the evidence of me spreading my seeds (oi oiii)

Ross outside holding a bag of soil whilst planting sunflower seeds
8th April

Today felt like a momentous day as I had my second dose of the COVID vaccine! Whilst I know this doesn't solve all of life's problems, it definitely helps me in feeling more confident when venturing outside again.

13th April

Talking about confidence, I was so happy to get my long-awaited haircut today. What a feeling that was!

14th April

In terms of "exciting days" - today was definitely up there as one of the most. If you've read my previous blog post, you will know that I recently joined the team at CHAOS Radio as one of their new co-presenters.

Collage of two images showing Ross at the radio studio, behind the desk and in front of a green screen

Today I had chance to look around the studio and familiarise myself with some of the set. This new challenge couldn't have come at a better time for me, and I am so excited to get started over the next few weeks!

16th April

One thing I have missed most over the course of this pandemic is the freedom to just meet up with friends. With that being said, today I had a lovely visit from my old work pal Chloe. It was so nice to have a catch up in the garden and reminisce over some of the good ol days!

Selfie of Ross and his friend Chloe outside in the garden
19th April

"If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise"

Today I fancied going out for a little stroll, so mum & I took Ralphy to Idless Woods where we also found this really cool telephone box book exchange! As you may know I've only recently caught the bug for reading, so it's little things like this that really make my day haha.

21st April

Whilst I love a sunny holiday abroad, you also can't beat a good staycation! So with that in mind, today I was asked to film an accessibility review of Sara's Cottage - a rural retreat in the heart of Cornwall.

Alongside the awesome Neil from Countryside Mobility, we filmed an access guide for Sara's cottage, which is currently rated at Mobility Level 2 (M2) by Visit England.

Behind the scenes shot of Neil holding a big recording camera filming Ross

I was so impressed with all of the accessible features in place, that I also wrote a review on Euan's Guide. Once the video has been edited and added to Sara's Cottage website, I will be sure to share it with you all.

23rd April

Today I had one of the most exciting Zoom meetings OF MY LIFE - my second interview of the week in fact. Whilst I'm sadly not allowed to share any details yet, I am hoping and praying that something good may come of it one day!

Ross taking a selfie of his face through the Zoom camera on his laptop
24th April

Today I hit a personal milestone by passing 1,000 followers on Instagram. Whilst I know this is not a massive amount compared to most, I have always struggled to gain much of a following on this particular platform. So thank you to everyone who supports my content on there.

This evening my sister and I enjoyed a nice little sibling date-night, by grabbing some chips and parking up in front of one of our favourite sea views!

View from the drivers seat, Ross's wrist holding a tray of sausage and chips with the sea in the background
27th April

Today was my debut appearance on CHAOS Radio. I spent the morning co-hosting and absolutely loved the whole experience. I will keep you all updated on my social media pages as to when I will be next on - but it is looking likely that it will be mainly Thursday mornings from 10am.

Ross's ID badge at CHAOS with his image and the words "TV & Radio presenter"
29th April

Whilst I try my best to fill my blog posts with the most positive aspects of my week, I am also human and it's only fair to share that not everything has been so upbeat behind the scenes.

Sadly our family lost a much loved relative this month - and whilst funerals are an upsetting time for all - I'd like to think we gave as good of a send-off as we possibly could. This of course involved a small service today, followed by a Cornish pasty topped with clotted cream - a tradition in memory of my Auntie.


I hope you are all doing ok and keeping yourselves safe & well. I will be back next month with another diary update and hopefully some happier times to be shared!

Speak soon,

Ross x


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