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Movember 2020

As you all know, I love to set myself a good challenge...

(Remember that time I tried going vegetarian for a month? Hmm yeah, the less we say about that the better!)

Well the time has come for my next mission and this year I have decided to take part in MOVEMBER!

Black & white November poster - with the text: "whatever you grow will save a bro"

Due to the social stigma that comes with it, men's health is rarely talked about which is a major problem in today's society.

I'm guilty of it myself.

Upon doing my research via the Movember website, I was shocked and saddened by the statistics I was seeing. Men are dying on average 6 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons.

Unchecked prostate cancer rates will double over the next 15 years. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 15-39 years of age. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 75% of all suicide rates.

These figures hit me quite hard, as I'm sure we all know somebody in our lives who has suffered from one of the above. With that being said, I signed up to the challenge immediately.

I started by shaving off all my facial hair, bar the small moustache I already have. I will then be attempting to see how far I can "grow this mo!" over the next 4 weeks.

As well as raising awareness with this blog post, I hope that you will also support me in fundraising a few pennies for this vital charity. I have set up a donation page below and would appreciate any support, no matter how big or small. 50p can go a long way!

Image of Ross's shaven with just a moustache left, with a movember text header

I understand times are tough, so if you are unable to donate financially that is not a problem. But please still get involved and help raise awareness by sharing this post or any other Movember literature.

Since 2003, Movember has funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world, challenging the status quo, shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men.

Please make sure you're following me on social media throughout November to keep up to date with my progress!

Movember poster listing ways you can get involved. From growing a moustache, to hosting a mo-ment, to committing to some movement exercise


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