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New Wheels!

It's been a long time coming... but I finally have new wheels!

To the average reader, this may sound exciting. However, if you know me well, you will know that I don't like change - especially when it comes to something so important as my wheelchair.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a hard customer to please?!

Side profile image of Ross sat in his new Q300m wheelchair

For those that don't know how the 'wheelchair service' works, it can be a very long and frustrating process.

Whilst I may not like change, sometimes it is inevitable and I ultimately did need an upgrade... just not the stress that came with it!

For context, this video was taken in December 2021 at one of my first fittings - which just shows how long these processes can take.

My wheelchair is my life, as it enables me to live independently and move around freely whilst working and socialising. Therefore it needs to be PERFECT.

The worry on my face in the following picture says it all. This was an image taken from one of my next appointments in May 2022, where I had to travel to a hotel in Exeter to meet with a rep.

Ross holding his head in his hands, looking distressed at a wheelchair appointment

When it came to selecting a new wheelchair there were several factors I needed to consider and unfortunately limited options available.

Sometimes the smallest alterations can have the biggest impact, both positive and negative. For example one of the main differences in my new wheelchair is that it is "mid-wheel" drive - which changes everything I've ever learnt when it comes to steering a chair!

It is also slightly taller in height, which of course affects my ability to get underneath certain tables and surfaces. In the following images, you can see a custom-made side panel which I had to privately source, in order to lower my controller.

Side by side images of the wheelchair with the controller arm in both a raised and dropped position

Whilst I know it sounds like I'm being quite negative, this is still an ongoing adjustment for me. Ultimately, I am very grateful and privileged to be in this position.

It's just a big change in terms of what I'm used to and it will take a while for my body to adjust. Hence why I am still relying on my old wheelchair for the time being.

*Imagine yourself having to spend 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a pair of uncomfortable shoes*

However, now that I have my hands on the new wheelchair... I can finally progress with my other set of wheels!!

Ross smiling whilst sat in his new wheelchair, inside his new car. Image shows lots of wring of the new car adaptions being built around him


Woop woooop!!

I'm pleased to say that so far my new car journey has been a lot more pleasant than the wheelchair process - which ultimately comes down to the people you are dealing with.

Customer service is key, and when it comes to anything disability related it's so important to work with people who listen, understand and genuinely care for your needs.

So yeah... lots of big changes coming! I look forward to sharing more details of my new wheels over the coming months.


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