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Omnipod Devon - Wheelchair Accessible Cabin

Updated: Apr 4, 2022


Definition: When snobs like me refuse to sleep outdoors, but still wish to be seen as "adventurous".


I'm all for a challenge, but the thought of going camping and sleeping in a tent for "fun" genuinely makes me want to cry.

Ok, maybe I was being a little bit dramatic there... but due to the limitations of my disability, I definitely can't "rough it" like I used to.

Ross sat in his wheelchair outside the main entrance to the Omnipod

So with that being said, today I would like to introduce you all to the OMNIPOD. A luxury, accessible cabin with stunning countryside views. Oh... and not a sleeping bag in sight - perfect!

People often ask me for recommendations when it comes to accessible accommodation - and as you may know, I love to share things that are a little bit different.

So when the team at Omnipod reached out and invited me to stay, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a little blog feature.

Check out my walk-through video below to see this awesome cabin in action:

The Knap Mill Omnipod is based in the South Hams area of Devon - a small, rural village at the head of the River Avon.

I'm all for a quiet life, so this little countryside retreat was right up my street! The weather was also perfect, which made my stay even more special.

Over the shoulder shot of Ross overlooking the countryside views from the Pods decking area. Bright blue skies


Flexibility is key when travelling, as there's nothing worse than being restricted by time. The great thing about the Omnipod is that there is a keybox safe left outside the cabin, which enables you to check in/out at your own convenience.

Exterior view of the Pod showing the parking space outside the cabin

There is also a private parking space for one average sized vehicle, which is nice and close-by if you have lots of bags and equipment to transport like myself.

I was only staying for one night, but you'd think I was packed for a week!

Inside the Pod

I loved the simplicity and quirkiness of this cabin. It's open-plan design felt very warm and cosy - giving a real homely vibe. Inside there is a 1.5 metre turning space for wheelchair users, and enough room to sleep up to 3 guests.

Ross sat inside the Pod, showing the main bedroom and dining room area
Dining area table inside the cabin, including storage shelves

For a relatively small area, it's surprising how well all the essentials fit in. For example, a fully functioning kitchen, dining area, bedroom and bathroom.

As a full-time wheelchair user, the most important thing for me when staying away from home are the bed and bathroom facilities.

Wet-room bathroom inside the pod, showing grab rails around the toilet and a wheel-under sink

I was so impressed with the accessible wet-room at Knap Mill - in particular the Motionspot basin. This wheel-under sink is perfect for wheelchair users, and also comes with grip handles for extra support.

Other accessible features in the wet-room include: a lowered mirror with tilt, grab rails around the toilet, and a shower seat with adjustable height shower hose. The shower seat and support rails also have a click-in/click-out feature, so they can be removed if not required.

Shower seat and adjustable hose in the wet-room

Unfortunately, I struggled to find comfort at night without there being an electric profiling bed to independently adjust my back and legs. However, I understand that not all disabled people require this feature.

Luckily, I came prepared with extra padding to raise my mattress position. Should you need to bring your own mobile hoist as well, there is plenty of room underneath the bed for the legs to fit. Some Omnipod locations use different beds, so it's best to check with the individual sites before booking.

Ross laying in the bed under a blanket, with his dog Ralph sat on his lap

Ralphy on the other hand slept like an absolute king. Yes, these cabins are also dog friendly - woop woop!

The accessible kitchen was another impressive feature - with lowered surfaces, a wheel-under sink and lever-style taps. Due to the height of the worktops, I was even able to fry my own bacon in the morning!

Ross in the kitchen frying some bacon on the lowered hob
Kitchen area inside the pod, showing a sink with wheel-under access

Another key feature of the Pod that deserves a special mention, are the 'smart' facilities. This includes a voice-activated Google device, which can control the lights and an electric blind inside the cabin.

The Omnipod also has free WiFi and underfloor heating - win win!

The 2 metre decking area was also a personal favourite of mine, providing additional seating and a canopy cover for you to enjoy the countryside views - regardless of the weather.

View of the Omnipod from outside, showing the decking area

How Can I Book?

If you'd like to stay at this awesome Omnipod in Devon, all you need to do is search for 'Knap Mill' on or Airbnb.

Prices vary depending on the season. Omnipods can also be bought for private use, if you are looking to invest in a home office or garden Pod! Please check out their website for more information.

Nearby Attractions

As much as I enjoyed chilling in the Pod - playing board games etc - we also made it our mission to explore some of the local area.

Sunset views of the river in Kingsbridge

Whilst at first it does seem like Knap Mill is in the middle of nowhere... it is surprisingly close to a range of coastal and countryside attractions.

For example, we went for dinner at a local restaurant called The Crabshell Inn, which was no more than a 15 minute drive away.

Ross smiling and holding a burger sat outside at The Crabshell Inn

The Knap Mill Pod is also just a short drive from the Aune Valley farm shop, Avon Mill Garden Centre and Salcombe town - a popular resort with kilometres of golden sand and an English Heritage-listed castle.

View inside Avon Mill garden centre, showing brightly coloured flowers

Other Locations

For those of you living outside of Devon & Cornwall, you'll be pleased to know that there are several other Omnipod locations across the UK - with more cabins popping up this summer!

Here is a full list of their current venues available for booking:

*Henfields Country Retreat, Somerset

*Langtoft Lakes, Peterborough

*Cayton Village, Scarborough

*Hill of Oaks, Lake District

*Low Wray, Lake District

*Troutbeck Head, Cumbria

Keep an eye on their locations page for more information.



This trip was kindly gifted to me by the team at Omnipods. As always, my comments are honest and entirely my own.


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