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Paradise Island Adventure Golf

It's been a busy week guys! Just call me Tiger Woods...

No I haven't cheated on my (imaginary) wife, but you are looking at the next big golfing superstar!

*plays golf once and now he thinks he's a professional*

Ross at Hole 15, smiling whilst holding his golf club

Over the years, I've shared many accessible reviews on my blog - from driving a powerboat, to ice skating in my wheelchair. So it's no surprise that I love trying out new and exciting activities.

Thanks to Paradise Island Adventure Golf, I was recently given the chance to come and check out their new venue at The Barcode in Plymouth.

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.

If you follow me on social media (@rosslannon) - then you will know that I have been on the hunt for an accessible golf course for what seems like forever.

I even tweeted about it back in May 2019:

Screenshot of a tweet from Ross asking for any accessible golf locations in Cornwall

I loved the whole experience from start to finish, so with that being said, here are some of my favourite bits from the day:

The Atmosphere / Design

"Wicked, wicked, jungle is massive!"

As I get older *yawn*, the overall atmosphere of a venue can play a key part as to whether I enjoy my experience or not.

Based around a "tropical utopia" theme, I absolutely LOVED all the interior design and little quirks at Paradise Island. Even though it was fairly busy on the day, I still managed to find the surroundings relaxing.

Hole number 4 - jungle theme in the background. Large open spaces with greenery trees around

The golf itself was split into two 18-hole courses, and I was lucky enough to try out both 'Temple Ruins' and the 'Tiki Trail'.

Located upstairs was also an arcade, with an accessible lift on site.

Location sign in reception, with arrows pointing to different facilities such as toilet, tiki trail and the arcade

The Access

I was so impressed with the overall access at Paradise Island, as this was one of my biggest concerns on arrival.

All holes had level access and the design was layed out in a spacious manner, so I was able to complete the course in true style!

Shot of Ross in his wheelchair from behind, going through the wheelchair entrance at hole 1

Yes there were some lumps and bumps along the way, but that's the whole point of "adventure" golf. I can only speak from my opinion and I thought it was tee-rific!

(Sorry, I will never say that again)

It's the little things in life that bring me great pleasure, such as the lowered curbs surrounding each hole. I really appreciated the attention to detail in this design - and can only hope that other venues take note!

A zoomed in shot showing the lowered curb surrounding the course for wheelchair users

Some wheelchairs may struggle to get over these, but my rear-wheel drive had no issues.

I didn't find the clubs too heavy to hold either, which was a big relief. There was also a large disabled toilet on site which is always good to know.

The Setting / Location

The Barcode is a new leisure and entertainment destination based in Plymouth. Similar to Drake Circus, it plays host to a number of different establishments.

With plenty of parking and food outlets on site, PI Adventure Golf is situated in the perfect location for a day out with your friends or family.

Outside image of the Barcode building - black and white stripe design
Image via:

Overall, I am so grateful for this experience and would definitely recommend you pay a visit!

Did I get a hole in one? No.

But did I make the best memories? Hell yeah!


Special thanks to Paradise Island Adventure Golf for gifting me tickets to this event. As always, my opinions are entirely honest.


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