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The C Word

Happy Monday folks!

Instead of posting my usual content today, I felt it was only right to acknowledge the global pandemic that we're currently in.

I've been one of those people who has buried their head in the sand for the past few weeks - trying to block out the news and all the worries that come with it.

But over the past few days... shit just got real.

The shelves are empty, events are being cancelled and today I sneezed.

Selfie of Ross wearing a mask protector

Ok, the sneeze was a bit dramatic, however I am starting to get worried about who I come into contact with in.

With all the perks that my disability brings (such as handsome good looks and incredible banter) it also has it's downsides. In general, my immune system is very weak and a common cold alone can lead to more devastating effects.

So yeah, I am at high risk and very vulnerable right now.

I never thought I'd miss the news talking so much about Brexit.

Working from home is not an option for me, so I know I'm going to have to make some tough decisions over the coming weeks.

Selfie of Ross in the mirror, wearing a safety mask

I have so much respect for everyone working 'on the front line' right now. In particular, my colleagues in healthcare, and my friends and family within the NHS.

Just so you have an idea of how utterly RIDICULOUS some people are being, here's a story my sister recently shared.

As a nurse in A&E, a patient recently came in with concerns over "the C word".

When asked if they had any symptoms such as a cough, high temperature or any recent travels - the answer was no.

This patient was in fact worried because they'd had a chinese takeaway the night before...


Whilst this story is comedy gold, it also makes me mad how uneducated and selfish some people can be - wasting NHS time and resources.

Self isolation doesn't sound too bad right now, as there are some pretty stupid people out there.

Boris mate, I think you're one of them and it's time to step up.




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