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The Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary

If there was ever going to be a blog post of mine that made you smile, then this is it!

One word... DONKEYS!!

It feels like forever since I've written a proper review, purely because I haven't been visiting many public places over the past 18 months! So with the sun shining recently, Flicka Donkey Sanctuary felt like the perfect day out!

View of Ross sat in his wheelchair, reaching his arm into the donkey field to stroke one of them

My Experience

From start to finish, I absolutely loved my experience at Flicka. All the staff and volunteers seemed super friendly and willing to point out which donkey was named which. I was on a personal mission to find Doris & Hermione, seeing as our family had already made previous adoptions.

Despite their upsetting pasts, it was nice to see the donkeys looking so relaxed and safe, whilst roaming free in the fields and mixing with the public. Of course I had to grab a few selfies along the way...

Selfie of Ross leaning his face towards a brown donkey in the field - blue skies above
Selfie of Ross staring face to face with a donkey through the field barrier


Overall I was very impressed with the accessibility at Flicka. The parking was nice and nearby, with a designated disabled space right outside the main gates.

All the public walkways and viewing areas inside the barns were concreted and spacious - which was perfect for wheelchair users like myself.

Landscape view of the spacious, concrete walkways

When viewing donkeys in the outdoor field, the walkway was grassed but nicely maintained, which was not an issue for my wheelchair.

Although the gift shop was quite small and tight to manoeuvre, I appreciate that it still had a ramped entrance - as did the tea room. There was also a standard accessible toilet on-site.

The great thing about Flicka is that they were also open to suggestions for ways they can improve their access for visitors with mobility needs.

Outside view of the gift shop, with a bench and sign posts pointing you to the right directions

An Interview with Flicka

Not long after my visit, I had the pleasure of interviewing team member Claire, who is the 'Director of Development' at The Flicka Foundation.

Last year Flicka celebrated it’s 25th anniversary of rescue and rehabilitation, despite it being their most challenging year to date. With Covid restrictions closing their doors to visitors and those all important donations, the Cornish charity have set out a public appeal to raise £300,000 for an on-site equine hospital.

An artist drawing of a makshift look of the future donkey hospital

Image via The Flicka Foundation website - a makeshift vision for the hospital.

“It has been a worrying time with lockdown having a huge impact on our financial reserves as a charity. To have an equine hospital on-site would be a huge advantage for us” says Claire.

This purpose built facility will allow them to carry out essential veterinary procedures in a more safe and sterile environment, whilst also avoiding any additional stress for the donkeys during transport.

About Flicka

Flicka is currently home to over 100 donkeys and ponies, all of which have been rescued from abuse, neglect and abandonment. The sanctuary was originally founded by Mary Berryman, of which her legacy is now continued by her daughter Judy Giles and Laurie Stephenson.

"We have rescued and rehabilitated well over 1000 animals since our inception in 1995".

3 donkeys leaning over the barn door staring directly at the camera. Funny social distancing sticker stuck to the gate below their faces

Adopt a Donkey

Everybody needs a donkey in their life.... simple!

Adopting a donkey not only massively supports the sanctuary, but it also provides a great gift for your loved one. On The Flicka Foundation website each donkey has a story to share, and if you're anything like me, then you will want to adopt them all after reading your way through!

Contents of the adoption pack displayed on a hay bayle

The minimum adoption pack is £30, which includes:

* A personalized certificate of adoption

* Your donkey's story and photograph

* A newsletter twice a year

* A Flicka car sticker

* A unique Adopter Card

Flicka Donkey Sanctuary is free to enter, with donations greatly appreciated. Dogs are also welcome, as long as they are kept on a lead at all times.

For more information on how you can support the sanctuary and their fundraising targets, please visit their website:

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