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The Isolation Diaries (week 11, 12 & 13)

Hello, it's me again! Coming to you live from the comfort of my living room.

For some of you, life may seem like it has gone back to "normal" recently. We're now into week 13 of my isolation diaries and I'm still here, keeping safe at home.

As lockdown eases for many, there seems to have been a real shift in attitudes towards the virus - which is a shame. IT IS NOT OVER YET!

The isolation diaries header - black and white image of Ross edited with the title

I've become increasingly annoyed with the lack of social distancing that I've seen from people online. With that being said, the Southwest now has one of the highest infection rates - so I for one shan't be going anywhere anytime soon!

In the beginning I felt a sense of community - we were all in the same boat, experiencing this madness together. However now, I can't help but feel left behind.

As shielding continues, I will carry on with these posts for as long as you enjoy them. Now that my little rant over - let's get back to having some fun!

Tuesday 26th May

I often receive random messages or requests from people. The following screenshot shows a very *brief* conversation I had with somebody, which was too good not to share. Fear not, my clothes are staying firmly ON!

Screenshot of a message asking Ross if he is interested in paid nudity / sexual modelling
Wednesday 27th May

Today has been a good day. Not only because the weather has been bloody brilliant, but because I had my first chinese takeaway in what seems like forever! Happy days.

Chinese takeaway - chicken balls, curry sauce, chips, rice and onion rings
Friday 29th May

This morning didn't get off to the best of starts, as it's no surprise my car battery was completely dead again. However, my mood soon picked up after receiving a surprise hand-written letter from a friend.

2020 - the year that made pen-pals cool again.

Ross's car bonnet lifted
Monday 1st June

Just a little video of me feeding the duckies, you're welcome.

Wednesday 3rd June

Today I went back to bed for a couple hours because I wasn't feeling too great, due to a mixture of hayfever, headaches and general tiredness. Sometimes it's important to listen to your body.

Thursday 4th June

Over the past few days, I've started watching a new TV series called 'Normal People' on BBC Three. I'm loving it so far, I just wish I hadn't started watching it with my mum, as there are quite a few awkward sex scenes!

I've also downloaded the Scrabble GO app. Regardless of the scores, my friend and I have been challenging each other to come up with the rudest words we can find, and it's surprisingly fun! haha

Screenshot of the scrabble board showing words such as semen, anal and wang
Monday 8th June

Tonight I had a 2 hour videocall with the boys and it was exactly what I needed. I haven't laughed like that for a long time, and I can't wait until we can hang out safely again in person.

Tuesday 9th June

Gnome sweet gnome! Can you tell I'm bored yet?

Shot of Ross from behind, painting one of his gnomes

I am the least artistic person you will ever meet, so wish me luck as I attempt to repaint all my garden gnomes over the coming weeks.

Wednesday 10th June

Today I did some online dementia training for work, and then treated myself to a KFC drive thru.

It's the most "work" i've done in months, so I definitely deserved it haha.

KFC takeaway on Ross's lap. A boneless banquet
Thursday 11th June

After nearly 4 weeks away, I finally got my wheelchair back from it's repairs! HALLELUJAH!

I also had a home-haircut thanks to Mum - desperate times 'n' all that.

Friday 12th June

Never grow up, kids. My new Toy Story shelf is finally in place and I am OBSESSED with it!

A wooden shelf in Ross's hallway showing off his large collection of Toy Story teddies
Sunday 14th June

This week, instead of adding 6 loose bananas to my online shop, I accidentally ordered 6kg (LOL sorry Mum). I personally thought it was hilarious...

Shoutout to my friend Kerry for sending me an extra one for good luck!

Ross's wrist holding up a pet toy banana, with Ralph the cockapoo in the background

Finally this evening, I finished off the week with a trip to my favourite place - Perranporth Beach. Parked up in my usual spot, I watched over the sunset whilst reading my book - perfect!!

View of the sunset over the beach, from Ross's car window

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. No doubt I'll be back in a couple of weeks time with some more random life updates.

In the meantime, please keep safe and continue to follow the social distancing guidelines.


Ross x

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