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The Isolation Diaries (week 17, 18, 19 & 20)

Dear diary,

Apologies for it being a whole month since my last update. Life has been surprisingly busy lately!

How are we all doing? I've been reading my horoscope a lot recently, which I've actually found quite therapeutic. The following quote is one that has particularly stuck with me:

"Sometimes not taking a risk is the riskiest thing of all"

Wednesday 8th July

In my previous diary entry, I mentioned that I had discovered a new-found love for McDonald's chicken nuggets. However the only problem with that is.... I now can't stop!

Ross's wrist holding a box of nuggets, with his sister in the background with a big mac burger
Thursday 9th July

If you know me well, then you will know that I'm not the best person at making decisions, especially if that decision involves any form of change.

So I'm pleased that today (after months of debating what colour schemes to choose etc) I've finally made plans to redecorate my living room.

Update: here is the finished product! Mum did a great job with the painting, whilst I was on-hand with music and snacks (helpful as ever LOL)

Ross's lounge showing a freshly painted navy feature wall, with surrounding grey walls and large TV
Saturday 11th July

Tonight we ordered an Indian takeaway from our new favourite place: Gandhi. I thought I would try something new / a little bit different (ahh so much change this week!)

Little did I know that I accidentally ordered a sharer meal for myself, which has since lasted 3 days - whoops!!

Large cardboard box full of indian food on the kitchen table. Ross has his thumbs up

This photo doesn't even do it any justice. The size was insane and the flavours were really good too. I chose the BBQ Naan Kebab, which was essentially a chicken tikka BOX, filled with fried onions and peppers, served on a large naan bread with chips.

Monday 13th July

Today marks the 5 year anniversary since I started living independently. It's crazy to think where that time has gone, but I'm absolutely loving it! Ralph also turns 3 soon which is just madddddd!

Thursday 16th July

I was recently approached by BBC Radio Cornwall and asked to provide a "motivational message" for their breakfast show. This was a great opportunity for me to promote my blog as well spread some much needed positivity.

My motivational message was this: "when life gets blurry, adjust the focus"

Official poster for BBC radio Cornwall's motivational message - showing Ross's name and quote

With that being said, I then recorded a series of messages based around this phrase, which were then broadcast across the breakfast show for the following 3 mornings.

Today I had a phone call from my Gran - in tears - because she had woken up with the shock of her life hearing my voice on the radio haha.

If you'd like to have a listen, you can check out my 3 messages which have been merged together here.

Sunday 19th July

Anyone for cake? Today I had the best pre-birthday delivery, what a surprise that was! There is no way I can resist this until Tuesday...

Special thanks to Malc, Jo & Kayleigh for making me gain so much weight. (Totally worth it tho!)

Homemade birthday cake, dripping with caramel topped with a selection of milk and white chocolate treats
Monday 20th July

Haircut time! I'd been looking forward to this day for what seemed like forever - a proper trip to the barbers.

However the excitement didn't last long, as I had naively booked myself in for a "skin fade" and before I knew it... I was scalped. It also cost me £26 which I was more fuming about haha.

I AM LITERALLY BALD from behind, wtf.

Tuesday 21st July

It's ma birthday, woop woop!

I'm not gonna lie, I much prefer celebrating when it's somebody else's day, buy hey... mum didn't go through childbirth for nothing.

To read my full birthday blog, check out my previous post here.

Ross holding some birthday balloons outside his mums house, with bunting in the background
Friday 24th July


Meeeeeeee!! Ok... it may have only been £2.20, but thats still a win lol.

Monday 27th July

After 8 years of employment, today I made the difficult decision to hand in my notice at my job. With government shielding being "paused", I personally didn't feel ready to return to such a busy working environment, after isolating for the past 4 months.

To be honest, I've been stressing about this decision for a while now and sometimes you just have to put your health first.

Although I am sad to be leaving in this way, I am excited to focus on my blog and find a new challenge once the world has sorted itself out.

Thursday 30th July

Tonight I experienced my very first Circus drive-in. Although it may not have been the most exciting show I've ever seen, it felt good to have a "night out" of sorts - from the comfort and safety of my van.

You can check out my full review of Paulos Circus by clicking here.

View of the outdoor circus stage from inside Ross's car - sunset in the background
Saturday 1st August

Carrying on with the car theme, tonight I really fancied some fish and chips. So I placed an order online at Morrish's and was super impressed with their service.

Not only did the food taste great, but they also had a number plate recognition system - which enabled staff to bring your takeaway directly to your car. I personally loved it and hope to see these accessible methods continue in the future.

View of Ross's dinner on his lap - showing a jumbo battered sausage with chips, curry sauce and a bread butty
Sunday 2nd August

I recently contributed to an online article with the BBC, which focussed on young shielders in the UK.

The piece, featuring my face as the poster, was then shared on the official BBC News instagram page - which went on to attract nearly 90,000 likes and over 400 comments.

Screenshot of the image used of Ross, on the verified BBC News instagram account

This particular article has already opened up so many new doors for me and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that have since landed in my inbox.

Who knows what the future may bring - but I'm excited! I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.

Take care,

Ross xx

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