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The Isolation Diaries (week 21 - 25)

Dear diary,

I may not be the most spiritual person going, however I do love a good quote.

So here are today's words of wisdom: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

Ohhhh, deep.

The isolation diaries header - black and white image of Ross with text added
Monday 3rd August

I am a strong believer in the theory that "when one door closes, another door opens" and today has proven exactly that.

Off the back of a recent article with BBC News - surrounding young shielders and the decision to leave my job - I have since had several opportunities land in my inbox. I'm feeling super grateful today and I'm excited for what's to come.

Tomorrow is also my mum's birthday which means there will be CAKE! Happy days.

Wednesday 5th August

Today has been a bit of a hectic day. 3 zoom interviews for some potential TV work, followed by an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live with the awesome Laura Whitmore. How mad is that?!

Collage of the BBC Radio 5Live logo with a picture of Ross & Laura Whitmore

When I first received the invite, I couldn't believe it. The chat went really well and Laura made me feel so relaxed. I'm just kicking myself now that I didn't take the chance to blag a role in the next series of Love Island, what a shame haha.

Saturday 8th August

Today I had a lovely socially-distanced visit from my friend Antonia. It was really nice to catch up and see how much her little man has grown over the past few months. Damn you Corona!

Ross's friend sat outside with her baby
Monday 10th August

Today consisted of more zoom calls and filming with the BBC, I even had a cameraman in my garden at one point. My neighbours are so confused - I love it haha.

Cameraman Tony stood outside Ross's house with a large camera and tripod
Wednesday 12th August

Today I was reunited with my one true love. No, not my friend Cheese... I'm talking about the Hubbox takeaway we ordered. This restaurant reunion has been a long time coming and the burgers did not disappoint.

Selfie of Ross and his friend with their burgers
Tuesday 17th August

On the subject of food (obvs), tonight was my first meal out since March thanks to the 'dine at dome' experience at Cape Cornwall Club.

Despite lockdown measures easing, I am still being very cautious and continuing to avoid any public places. So tonight was a great feeling to get out and enjoy some family time from the comfort of our bubble - literally. Click here to catch up on my full 'dome dining' review.

Ross inside the large outdoor dome overlooking the coast
Wednesday 19th August

Tonight I made my first National BBC News TV appearance! The reaction online was amazing and within minutes of it airing, my phone was pinging with new followers and subscribers. The amount of random DM's / emails I also received was hilarious - but I really appreciated it!

Screenshot of Ross on TV
Friday 21st August

Today I played taxi driver for my mum, which seems only fair after all the running around she's done for me! With a few hours left to kill before picking her up again, I drove to the park and read my book.

This afternoon I also supported my friend Kerry in her charity pedal-along, by raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. If anybody wishes to sponsor Kerry's #Big60Challenge, you can check out her fundraising page here.

Tuesday 25th August

Tonight I made my second TV appearance of the week with an interview on BBC Spotlight. This was a great opportunity for me to promote my blog, as well as raise vital awareness for young adults who are still shielding.

Thursday 27th August

You know you're getting old when you get excited over a new front door.

But hear me out... this one's electric (which is super cool) and is going to make my life a whole lot easier!

Ross's new electric front door with push button
Tuesday 1st September

Today I'm throwing it back with some retro gaming, after finally connecting my Nintendo Wii to my new TV. Nothing brings out my rage more quickly than losing a game of Mario Kart.

Don't even get me started about Rainbow Road...

Ross playing mario kart in his living room
Thursday 3rd September

Today I kindly received a gift from the guys at ShieldedWithLove. They reached out to me after seeing my BBC News story, and asked if they could send over one of their shielding badges.

Whilst I know some people don't agree with 'labelling', I personally don't mind taking these small precautions when out and about in public. Social distancing seems to be becoming less of a thing, so I hope this badge can provide a silent, yet gentle reminder for people to BACK OFF!

Selfie of Ross wearing the 'shielded with love' badge
Friday 4th September

It's been a busy week for my family with preparations for my Grandparents farm sale. Although I haven't been able to help much physically, I've still been supporting from the sidelines and of course providing the snacks when needed. My delivery of a surprise McDonalds drive-thru was definitely a hit!

Ralphy has also been enjoying plenty of run's in the fields.

Farm field full with machinery and granite for sale
Saturday 5th September

I wanted to end today's post with a special shoutout to my friend Max, who has recently launched a luxury handmade soap business. Today he kindly sent me some samples, so I thought it would be cool to share them on here!

Max and I met many years ago when playing powerchair football together, so it's great to see his new business venture taking off! So far I have tried both the Ethiopian Nigella and Moringa "flavours".

Made in the heart of Cornwall, all SoapSenses ingredients are completely natural with exotic twists - great for sensitive skin (like me, awww)

To see a full list of products available, please check out his page on either Facebook, Instagram or Etsy.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I can't believe how fast these past 5 weeks have gone!

Roll on Halloween, at least people might finally start wearing their masks...

Speak soon,

Ross x

Ross wearing a black face mask, with Ralph licking his tongue out to kiss him


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