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The Isolation Diaries (week 4, 5 & 6)

Dear diary,

We're not really 'living' anymore, are we?

We're just surviving...

Black and white image of Ross, edited with the text "The Isolation Diaries" against a brick wall

I've been a little bit slack with the isolation diaries recently. So in order to bring you up to date - and keep this post as short as possible - here are a selection of my favourite highlights from the past 3 weeks.

Please note that any days missed will have only consisted of me binge-watching Tiger King, as well as eating myself out of house and home.

Monday 6th April

So I ended my last instalment of The Isolation Diaries by saying that I had written a song. Today I spent most of my day filming a "music video" of sorts, and I even dusted off my old keyboard out of the loft. More to come from that later on in this post!

Wednesday 8th April

This morning I played a round of golf in my kitchen... as you do.

Shot of Ross's legs, showing him holding a gold club in his kitchen

Tonight was also the final episode of "The Trouble with Maggie Cole" on ITV. Now if you hadn't already seen, I wrote a blog post about featuring as a background extra in this series.

Surprisingly enough, Hollywood still haven't called. So I filmed my *very brief* appearance for you below - but please don't blink - as you may miss it.

Thursday 9th April

The sun is shining and everything feels so much better because of it. Today I sat outside in my garden and ate a screwball ice cream. I ordered a box of these from my latest online shop - and it felt like a proper 90's throwback! Even Ralph approved.

Ross's wrist holding up a screwball ice-cream with his dog Ralph sniffing closely
Saturday 11th April

Not all heroes wear capes... Today I had a lovely surprise delivery from a friend, in the form of an Easter egg left on my doorstep.

You guys are really looking after me, and I promise to repay the favour one day!

Ross's friend stood 2 metres away, with an orange smarties easter egg on the floor
Monday 13th April

Today's the big day!

I posted my music parody video online this evening and in the space of just a few hours, the reaction has already been incredible. I am so glad people loved it and most importantly, it's made everyone smile. My work here is done!

Tuesday 14th April

With over 8.5k views already, my parody video made it into the local news this morning. How mad is that?! haha.

Screenshot of a CornwallLive news article titled: Truro Blogger makes parody video to keep friends smiling
Thursday 16th April

Today I ate a pasty and all faith in humanity has been restored...

I've also been working my way through some 'blog admin', and gathering some evidence to support my nomination in the next round of the National Diversity Awards. Should you wish to vote for me, you still have a few weeks left - thank you!

Nomination poster for Ross at the NDA awards
Friday 17th April

Tonight was Active8's first "virtual pub quiz night" and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

It was a great laugh to be fair, and even better that our team (Quiz in my pants) won!

Thanks to Active8 for the video - you can check out their Facebook page here.

Saturday 18th April

Leftover easter egg for breakfast? Yes please!

Also... day drinking has become "a thing". Should I be worried?

Selfie of Ross swigging a drink from a hip flask
Tuesday 21st April

I managed to get an online slot from Tesco, so I thought it would be nice to leave the delivery driver a little treat on the doorstep. Gotta keep those community spirits up - every little helps!

A kinder bueno chocolate bar with a post-it note attached saying thank you to the Tesco delivery driver
Thursday 23rd April

Time to get active - my first bit of exercise in 6 weeks that doesn't involve lifting food to my mouth! My friend Mark is running weekly "low impact" workout sessions via the Health, Wellbeing & Sport YouTube page. Be sure to check them out: every Thursday from 12.35pm.

Ross's laptop set up on the kitchen table, alongside a water bottle and 0.5kg weights
Friday 24th April

The hot tub is back in action and I am VERY happy about it.


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