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The Isolation Diaries (week 7 & 8)

Dear diary,

I'm starting to think I should rename my blog "A Life in Lockdown" - because 2020 has been a complete write-off so far!

This post contains a fair bit of baking... and when I say baking, I mean watching my mum do all the hard work whilst I sit and eat the scraps.

Black and white photo of Ross, edited with "The Isolation Diaries" header
Monday 27th April

This week started off with a feature on "The Daily Sib" show, hosted by Martyn Sibley. Martyn is an influential character within the disabled community, so it was nice to be invited onto his show and have a live chat - discussing a variety of subjects such as blogging and the representation of disabilities within the media.

Later on in the afternoon, Mum and I made some "Mini Egg Millionaire Shortbreads" - mmmm!!

Tuesday 28th April

Today was mostly spent binge-watching AfterLife (series 2) on Netflix.

I also ordered a Domino's "Two for Tuesday" which was a personal highlight.

Thursday 30th April

Is it just me, or are the days/weeks going by so fast?! It's Thursday again which means it's workout day!

Thanks again to my friend Mark from Truro & Penwith's Health, Wellbeing & Sport. Without this low-impact session, I would literally be doing no exercise - which is quite worrying, considering how tight my clothes feel these days!

I also received the BEST surprise delivery in the post today. Addressed to Ralph, my sister sent us a personalised pillow. We may not be able to hug in person, but this is definitely the next best thing. Corona needs to hurry up and do one because we miss you!

Ross squeezing a pillow with his sister's face on it
Friday 1st May

For my next bake (aka Mum's) we made jam & coconut biscuit-type things. I'm not really sure what to call them.... as they look more like boobs to me. But believe me when I say they tasted unreal!

Jam & coconut biscuits spread out on a cooling tray in Ross's kitchen
Monday 4th May

Today I've been looking back through some old photograph albums, as I have a *VERY* special blog post planned for next week - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Wednesday 6th May

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can really make your day. Today's highlight was this exact moment, which I luckily managed to capture on camera:

Thursday 7th May

Yet again, Ralphy has made it into my highlights... because who couldn't love this little face?! Between the two of us, Mum & I managed to give him a fairly decent haircut and a good ol' wash! Despite his resistance, he seemed to enjoy the pampering in the end.

Ross's dog Ralph in the shower, all wet and smiling
Friday 8th May

LEGO! Enough said.

Today I felt like a big kid as I found my old box of Lego from when I was a child. I was super keen at first but the excitement only lasted for about an hour, as I realised I have zero patience and hardly any of the right pieces...

Ross's kitchen table covered in a multicoloured mess of lego pieces

This evening I had fun at Active8's latest online event - a murder mystery escape room!

Saturday 9th May

Dropped some essential food bits off for my grandparents this morning - it was lovely just to get out and drive for a little bit. Back home, I spent most of my afternoon sat in the sun reading my book, whilst enjoying a cheeky ice lolly.

The perfect end to the week!

Ross's wrist holding a strawberry Rowntrees ice lolly, with green garden in the background


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