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Boo Koos Burger Challenge - The "Mighty Boo!"

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This one goes out to all my fellow foodies!

I recently took a trip to Boo Koos in Falmouth and WOW, where do I even begin?! I think I'll let my next few photos do the talking...

Ross staring down at his humungous burger, with his mouth open
Ross holding up half of the burger, smiling, using two hands to hold!!

I decided to take on the "Mighty Boo" challenge - 18 ounces of seasoned prime steak mince, hand-pressed into one single patty, served in a 7 inch diameter toasted brioche bun, on a bed of shredded lettuce, 4 slices of beef tomato, sliced pickles and finely chopped red onion.

Did I also mention the side of beer battered onion rings and fries?

Don't judge me.

Well it's no surprise that I failed miserably - but hell - what an experience that was. Thank god for takeaway boxes!

I was so impressed with my overall trip to Boo Koos, that I couldn't let the moment pass without a special mention on the blog.

A large sign outside the store saying: Skinny people are easy to kidnap. Stay safe, eat lots here"

About Boo Koos

For those that don't know, Boo Koos is small family-run business, renowned for its Texan-style burgers and massive range of shakes.

Originally residing in Helston alone, the Cornish owners since expanded and have now opened a second restaurant - due to popular demand.

The Boo Koos brand has created quite the reputation over the years, so I was excited to check out their latest venue in Falmouth.


Upon arrival, staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming. The main entrance to the building had a fantastic ramp, situated to the right-hand side of the double doors. Once at the top of the ramp, there was level access inside - perfect for wheelchair users.

Ross sat at the top of the ramp in his wheelchair, outside the entrance

Although the main doors were heavy, the clear glass design gave visible views, enabling nearby staff to assist. Even though Boo Koos do not have their own private car park, it is important to note that there are public spaces available, no more than a few minutes walk away.

The Style

The interior design at Boo Koos follows an "American Diner" theme, and within seconds of entering the building, I had a smile on my face.

Overhead surroundings also gave me "day of the dead" vibes... which was ironic for the amount of food I was about to order.

The colourful atmosphere felt very warming, making you feel comfortable and relaxed from the start.

Aerial shot of the colourful interior and booths. Multicoloured bunting hanging from the ceiling
A shot of Ross heading down the restaurant aisle in between the booths


I was very impressed with the overall access at Boo Koos in Falmouth - particularly their spacious areas around the bar and main entrance.

I love the design of their intimate booths. However my only concern is that you would only be able to fit one wheelchair user per table.

Situated at the back of the restaurant was a large disabled toilet, with a full length mirror.

The Food


I have visited Boo Koos before at their Helston venue - so I was more than aware of their plentiful portions. I was however, not prepared for the Mighty Boo! Who knew the 'meat sweats' were a real thing?!

*Spoiler alert* - I did not tackle this alone!

Ross and his sister smiling, surrounded by a table of food

I cannot fault the amazing taste of their burgers and the variety of choices available.

I was also so impressed with all the alternative menus options - catering for vegetarians, vegans and those who require their meals gluten free.

Large menu display stand

I chose to do the "Mighty Boo" challenge because I thought it would make a great feature for this post.

However from previous experience, I can also vouch for their standard sized buns too! A personal favourite of mine is the BBQ "Smokehouse Squealer".

BBQ smokehouse squealer burger, official photo from the Boo Koos website

Regardless of whether you complete the challenge or not, I thought it was a nice touch that you also receive a T-Shirt for your efforts.

It's safe to say I definitely chose the larger size after my meal!

Ross wearing a t-shirt that says "I fought the might boo", with a cartoon burger photo on the front


All food featured in this post was gifted to me in return for an honest review. As always, my opinions are entirely my own. Special thanks to Boo Koos for their incredible hospitality.


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