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The Muscle Help Foundation Interview

If you follow me on social media, then you will know that I was recently invited as a guest on the latest episode of The Muscle Help Foundation's "In Conversation With..." series.

Previous guests on the show have included personalities such as Lorraine Kelly, so it was a real honour for me to be featured... god knows why they chose me?! haha

Screenshot of Ross and the host Michael McGrath talking on a video call

The online series was originally created during the first UK lockdown, with the aim to help the disabled community feel less isolated and more connected. Each monthly episode features a different guest, who will then share an insight into their personal life, work and achievements.

Whist I'm not officially contracted to share any of this, I can honestly say it was one of my favourite interviews to date. Michael and his team made me feel so welcome, and it was just nice to have such a relaxed chit-chat about life and everything in between.

For those who were unable to join us live on the night, I have linked to the full interview below. I have also listed some of the main talking points and timings, as an hour of my ramblings can be a lot to sit through all in one go!

03:42 - Ross's introduction

07:58 - Video montage of Ross

10:04 - "A Life on Wheels" blog

13:44 - Quickfire questions (round 1)

17:40 - CHAOS radio

20:00 - Journalism

25:40 - Disability representation

34:52 - Photo discussions

44:00 - Comments from viewers

46:48 - Life lessons / anxiety

49:04 - Favourite movies

51:00 - Quickfire questions (round 2)

54:57 - Celebrity dinner guests

58:22 - Goals for the future

The Muscle Help Foundation logo

About The Muscle Help Foundation

The Muscle Help Foundation are a small, family-centred charity that deliver empowering experiences called 'Muscle Dreams', for children and young people (aged 8-28yrs) with Muscular Dystrophy.

So far the charity have already raised over £1.1 million which is an amazing achievement! They have also launched a national campaign called 'The Power of 657' - where they aim to deliver 657 transformational wishes - which is one life-changing moment for every muscle in the human body.

For more information about The Muscle Help Foundation and how you can get involved / donate, please visit:

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