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What I've Been Watching Recently

Remember that time I applied to be on Gogglebox?

Well it's no secret that I can be a bit of a hermit at times, as I still enjoy watching TV as much as ever. Whether it's a film night with friends, or a Netflix binge for one - nothing beats a cosy night in.

If you've read my previous post, then you will also know that I love a good challenge.

This year, one of my friend's bought me the below gift for Christmas... and I'm obsessed.

100 Movies Bucket List

A poster listing 100 classic films, where you scratch off the box of each one you have watched

I am fully aware that there are some real classic films on this list that I have never seen. I'm ashamed by my lack of knowledge, therefore I'm setting myself the challenge to complete this list by the end of the year!

With this in mind, I thought I would also share some of the other programmes I've enjoyed watching recently.

The Masked Singer

Quite possibly the strangest entertainment show on TV right now, but so addictive! I never knew how impatient I was... I just want to know who's behind the mask?!

Each week, my friends and I share our thoughts on who we think the mystery musicians are - and it turns out I'm just as useless as the judges.

So far, there are only two masks that I think I have solved - Queen Bee & Monster. I'd love to know what your predictions are!

Sex Education

(Series 2)

This programme is by far one of my favourite Netflix series of all time. I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something about this show that brings a smile to my face.

No... it's not just because of the sexy bits, you bunch of pervs.

Series 2 has only just been released and it did not disappoint. I genuinely love all the characters and the overall message behind the show.

Not only are the one-liners as legendary as ever, there are also some really heartfelt moments in this series.

I was also so happy to see George Robinson play newcomer Isaac. Representing disabilities in the mainstream media is so important, and I respect Netflix so much more for casting a genuine disabled actor for this role.

George also smashed his performance, so I can't wait to see what series 3 has in store!

Photo os George Robinson on set as the character Isaac - wheelchair user

Let me know what films / TV series you guys have been enjoying recently!

P.S. if you've got any dvd's that I can borrow to help finish my "100 movies bucket list" - please hit me up. Man's got a long way to go!


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